Devil Buster Fish game by KA Gaming for real money

KA Gaming launched the Devil Buster fish game in 2022, so it’s a relatively new title in a just as new software category. Evil forces opened the portal, so your goal is to defeat as many monsters as you can. Instead of traditional reels on slots, you’ll operate with a single hammer or a range of advanced weapons like Explode Weapon and Power Weapon worth 6x the bet. You’ll come across different enemies on your way, be it a bat worth 2x or the old vampire paying the highest 500x real money value. Explore this review to learn more about the features and choose the best Devil Buster online casinos with fair terms.

  • Devil Buster screenshot
  • Devil Buster screenshot

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Devil Buster facts

✅ Name Devil Buster
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider KA Gaming
📅 Release date 2022
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $10
🎨 Theme Other
👀 Objects Vampires, monsters, demons
🎯 Objective Shoot enemies to grab the reward
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 500x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet no
🌍 Languages Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

Devil Buster game rules

Devil Buster is a multiplayer fish online casino game where you need to defeat enemies and get paid for this. In the context of this game, the enemies are different monsters, from bats to vampires. The more valuable your target, the larger the potential prize, but these creatures are also stronger, so you need more hits of your standard hammer or extra boosts to kill them quickly.

Bet sizes in Devil Buster

When the round begins, you are prompted to choose one of the three betting options with bet sizes for different bankrolls. They are Bronze ($0.01 to $0.10), Silver ($0.10 to $1), and Gold ($1 to $10). Please note that these limits can differ for other currencies, including Bitcoin, when playing in crypto casinos. When the round begins, you can see your real money balance and the hammer next to it. By adjusting the betting amount, you determine the value of each hit, and when you kill a monster, its value is multiplied by this stake. Mainly, you need at least five hits for small monsters and over twenty for large ones, so keep in mind that each of these hits will deduct the determined bet from your balance.

Power and Explode weapons

Your weapon is a primitive hammer by default, but it’s not strong enough to deal with large creatures or groups of monsters. That’s why KA Gaming offers gamblers to play Devil Buster for real money with an extra boost. You can pick more powerful weapons: Power (a sword) and Explode (a hand grenade).

In both cases, each hit costs 6x the normal bet. For example, when your bet is $1, a single spin with one of these weapons will cost $6. Still, when you defeat a monster, its value is multiplied by a regular bet ($1 in this case, not $6). These weapons’ advantage is their ability to make each hit stronger.

  • The Explode weapon is helpful for bombing numerous enemies at once, so you can use it when a group of evil creatures is approaching.
  • You may need to reach a particular target, and the Powerful weapon is a perfect option for this case since a monster will be easily caught this way.

Normal symbols and payouts

Though Devil Buster is a fish casino online game that doesn’t have paylines, its winnings are still based on different symbol values. In this case, each monster pays its reward, and the harder it is to kill this creature, the more significant this amount.

  • Black bat: 2x
  • Green zombie: 3x
  • Small purple monster: 5x
  • Blue zombie: 8x
  • Blue witch: 10x
  • Red bat: 15x
  • Black flying monster: 20x
  • Big purple monster: 30x
  • Green witch: 40x
  • Black werewolf: 50x
  • Red flying monster, the man with a sword: 60x
  • Grey werewolf: 80x
  • Young vampire: 80x to 300x
  • Old vampire: 100x to 500x

Bonus symbols and payouts

The Devil Buster fish casino game has two special symbols activating bonus effects. If you manage to kill the man with a sword, he not only pays 60x but also triggers a lightning event so that you can see two red vertical lightning bolts killing the creatures. If a large group of monsters is approaching, you can get a huge boost and see a whole lot of gold coins on the screen. The red flying monster is also a special symbol that freezes all the creatures for a while if you kill him. Thus, you have more chances to kill monsters which could have escaped without bringing you the prize, even when you’ve already spent a hefty amount to hit them.

How to play Devil Buster for real money

The basic things you should choose to play the Devil Buster fish game are the bet size, the weapon for your defence, and the target you’ll focus on.

  1. Sign up for one of the best Devil Buster online casinos and deposit
  2. Choose one of the three betting options to suit your bankroll
  3. Adjust your bet per hit via the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons
  4. Tap on one of the monsters you want to defeat and hold the target until it’s killed
  5. Optionally, you can switch to special weapons to kill the creatures more accurately or defeat a large group of targets at once

Automatic play in Devil Buster

You can lock or unlock the autoplay mode by tapping on a corresponding widget on the right and picking a monster to follow. It’s aimed at a certain target you choose. When you activate the mode and determine the monster you want to defeat, the game will keep hitting it with the weapon you’ve selected and at your bet per hit. It’s convenient when you are hunting for a certain creature. Still, keep in mind that the strongest monsters may require special weapons since they can survive and escape even with an autoplay mode if the weapon isn’t powerful enough.

Game history & statistics

There is a convenient option to track the gameplay history. You can tap on the leftmost widget to open detailed statistics of each of your rounds to see the date, transaction ID, the number of bullets, your total bet, and the total win. This information is helpful for both a strategy you can build according to your statistics and the safety issue when you have questions regarding any of the played rounds and need a transaction ID to contact customer support.

Changing layout

The Devil Buster fish game has a common option of changing the layout during the gameplay. It can suddenly change, bringing players from a cemetery to the place next to a gothic castle. It may be interesting in terms of the game’s plot, but there is a big disadvantage: the game suddenly interrupts the current session, and when the location changes, all your progress in the previous location is nullified. It’s very inconvenient since you could have time to kill a monster before he leaves the gaming field, and in this case, the round is suddenly interrupted at any moment.

Devil Buster strategies & tips

When you play Devil Buster for real money, a range of game-specific tips and strategies can help you better understand the game and use all the benefits of special weapons. Still, we should warn you that you can’t use any of these strategies as a 100% winning guide, which could help you reduce the house edge in the long run. These are just basic tips and convenient ways to manage your bankroll but don’t forget to play responsibly and adjust these short guides to your needs.

Hit a target from the very beginning

When the round begins, monsters start walking from both sides, so it’s reasonable to choose a certain target and focus on it during its entire walk. Thus, you have more chances to kill this monster before it escapes, while starting to hit a large goal when it’s almost gone is a bad idea. Still, keep in mind that even the entire walk with regular hits may have no results when you use a weak weapon for a strong creature.

Use the sword for specific targets

When you want your hits to be strong and accurate, activating the sword weapon is a perfect option since you hit the target faster, even when there is a large group of monsters. The disadvantages to consider include the pretty high 6x cost of this feature and the focus on only a single target, which means you won’t be able to affect a large group at once.

Explode large groups of monsters

You’ll encounter large groups of monsters on the screen, and while it’s hard to reach a particular creature when others block access to a particular target, the hand grenade is a perfect weapon for hitting a large group at once. Just be careful with the 6x stake cost since you spend a lot while the monster’s value is still multiplied by the standard bet rather than the increased stake.

Test the free mode

Only real-money stakes can bring you winnings, but the free-play mode is a good way to test the game before you master the gameplay. The game features the same mechanics and even allows gamblers to play with other players in the multiplayer mode, though in some cases, you’ll see the ‘Waiting for player’ sign and play alone. The free mode has no risks at all.

Play Devil Buster for free in demo mode


The Devil Buster online casino fish game is one of the top horror-themed titles where players decide what targets to hit and choose weapons for the best results. It’s good to play on mobile devices, so you can join the game on your iOS or Android with a few taps. Though there are no specific bonus options, the fire and freezing effects of bonus symbols are just as good. The 500x maximum value for an old vampire is also decent. Considering all these perks and players’ reviews, Devil Buster is a great fish game to play online.

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