Fish Gambling Games at Online Casinos

Fish game gambling is a kind of online casino entertainment dramatically different from video slots and table games. Fish games have a long history but not the largest presence, mainly due to the lack of a long hype. Moreover, their arcade and casual gameplay puts them in stark contrast to classic online casino options. Casino fish games are few and far between compared to other casino titles, but you are sure to love them all, especially multiplayer variations. In a typical fish gambling game, you will get transported into the sea depths. You will see some underwater scenery with weeds, stones, sunk ships, and other things to make the picture attractive and eye-pleasing for a player.

What is a fish game?

A fish game is an online casino game where you fire targets (mainly fish) and earn money for each target you have killed. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a cannon or other weapon ready to fire when you command it to do so. Bet options are usually near the cannon. They are usually represented by + and - buttons for quick and easy adjustment of a bet size during any active round.

The key idea of a fish casino game is to shoot at everything that moves on the screen near and far from the cannon. There is a crosshair overlay or other kind of pointer to help you aim at targets. You move that crosshair with a mouse on a desktop or by touching your mobile device screen with a finger.

Expectedly, the targets are fish and other sea animals; on the other hand, some games to be described below revolve around other themes. Importantly, all your enemies don’t return fire, thus making you feel like at a shooting range with harmless moving targets.

Getting inside the game, you will see chaos. Everything is moving back and forth. Fish waves go one after another, from left to right and in reverse. Fish schools move at different heights: some are close to the cannon, while others are distant. When you whack an enemy to death with your gun, coins begin to gush forth like a fountain, and the visuals turn into what some players consider a mess. Online fish game casinos have lots of titles to pick from. They come from a few providers, such as KA Gaming, Funky Games, and TaDa Gaming, among others.

Common fish game rules

A typical fish game runs like this: When you select a bet size, you can shoot at targets that enter the screen from any direction and move slowly. Low-valued pictures usually come in waves, while top targets are usually single. They move from one edge of the screen to another and are vulnerable to your shots when on the screen. Even if a part of it is beyond the edge, you can still hit its other half, e.g. tail, and kill the fish.

Each fish brings you profit according to the paytable you’ll find inside the game. So, here, you should choose your tactics at which fish to aim. It often happens that you start firing at a fish school drifting somewhere at a middle level of the screen. Suddenly, another school comes in, but it moves closer to the cannon, thus crossing your line of fire and obstructing your bullets. So, you have already spent some bullets (i.e. money) damaging, but not killing, the upper fish, but you cannot kill it now because of the new school on your way. Situations like that occur oftentimes.

Bet sizes in fish games

Every shot made by a cannon comes at a cost. You may select the size of your rocket (bullet) fire at the beginning and anytime during the game. Some games have a certain bet range. For example, in Rabbit Party and other fish games by KA Gaming, the player may pick from three ranges: Bronze ($0.01-$0.10), Silver ($0.10-$1), and Gold ($1-$10). If selecting Silver, each bullet will be worth 10 cents to one dollar, and so on. Other gambling fish games may have other bet options.

How can you win money in fish games?

When a bullet or other projectile released from your cannon hits a target, it suffers damage, and its health goes down. In this respect, fish gambling looks like classic shooters and video games centred on weapon-based combat.

There is a certain logic here: valuable objects have much health, so you will finally need many hits to kill the prey. Fish that is of low value is hunted down much easier: you will need, maybe, three to five successful hits to get it down.

To illustrate the point, let’s consider an example from Three Headed Dragon (KA Gaming): small fish of different colours pay out 2x to 20x per bullet cost. Sharks, three-headed dragons, and other predator fish award 30x to 300x. However, big payers are hard to deal with since you will need many bullets to inflict damage.

Boss attacks in fish casino games

Like retro video shooters, you will encounter many waves of regular fish that bring you low to medium wins. A few minutes after the round starts, a boss fish swims in. Firing it down, you will earn way more than for any normal fish.

However, you might as well waste your bullets and get nothing if the boss goes off-screen before being killed. Many shooting fish gaming games warn you a few seconds before the boss appears for you to think of the tactics, considering the available weapon and on-screen situation.

Best online casinos to play fish games

Fish game paytable

Every fish shooting gambling game has a paytable showing relevant payouts for regular and bonus items the player hunts down. Needless to say, it would be the correct step to look at the paytable before playing for real money because you need to know the priority targets. Paytables show how much you can win when killing regular, non-bonus items.

For example, Zodiac Hunting (KA Gaming) has 12 regular animal targets. The three lowest-valued animals award 3x, 5x, and 8x, while the top payouts are 40x (Tiger), 45x (Cow), and x50 (Mouse). If you see a mouse but other animals are on the fire line, the best step is to ignore this hard-to-hit aim. Casino fish games also display payouts for bonus targets to be explained below.

Special targets in fish games

In addition to regular items (animals, war machines, etc.), some real money fish games have bonus symbols that act differently and add a twist to the regular gameplay. So, a standard target explodes and earns some money for the player in accordance with the paytable. Bonus targets also award some money, but they trigger a bonus event or another action. As an example, Zodiac Hunting has four bonus symbols:

  • Blue Dragon (prize: 20x): Stops all enemies for about 15 seconds. During this time, you can aim better and win more money
  • Red Bull with a Club (20x): Triggers a chain explosion, killing a couple of nearby targets
  • Golden Ape (20x): Causes stones to fall from the sky and kill a few enemies
  • War Hog (80x-200x): You can capture him a few times until the hog leaves the screen.

Other fish games offer other bonus symbols and features. Notably, many fish games have targets that make other fish freeze for some time.

Regular features in fish games

A typical gambling fish game has a few settings and functionalities to make gaming more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at the most frequent features you can find.

Automatic mode

Shooting in fish games is simple: You hold the mouse’s left button and aim at the target. As long as the button is kept depressed, the gun keeps on firing. It is not that hard to hold the button all the time, so the automatic mode does not make much sense for many players.

In video slots and other casino games, the auto-play feature makes the game software run automatically for a preset number of rounds. However, in fish gambling it works differently. By using the automatic mode, a player just relieves himself of the necessity to hold down the fire button all the time, shifting this responsibility to the game software.

A player needs to click a related button in the UI to activate the automatic mode. Before this occurs, a player should make sure he has a sufficient balance because continuous firing can deplete the funds quickly.

Fully automatic mode

The previously described feature is semi-automatic because it still requires the player to pick targets. Colorful Mermaid by Funky Games allows the player to tap a Fireballs icon that opens the Auto Fire window. It displays about 30 targets available in the game: Octopuses, mermaids, golden chests, and so on. A player may pick the targets at which the laser gun must shoot and the targets' priority.

By clicking on a small green fish first (pays out 2x), the player thus tags it as the most important object. By picking a crab (7x cash), the player commands the game to make it the 2nd in priority, and so on.

This mode is very helpful because the software aims at targets instantly, in a split second. The game does not spare the bullets, thus saving your budget. However, this automatic mode should be used with caution because it is not smart and requires constant control.

Speed adjustment

This feature is available in some fish game casinos, e.g. those powered by Funky Games. This feature is self-explanatory: When inside the game, you can tap the button and pick from Low, Medium and High game speeds. This does not change how the targets move but increases the rate at which the bullets are fired. On the other hand, players risk spending their real money early.

Target lock

This functionality helps the player shoot more precisely. After the player activates the feature, he can click on the target just once, and the fish game software will follow the target all the time until it is shot down or disappears from the screen.

Bonus features in fish games

Many fish games have in-game bonus features that add diversity and increase payouts. A widespread feature is activating gun boosters that come at a cost but inflict more damage than normal bullets. For example, KA Gaming titles have an array of buttons on the left-hand side. Some of them are designed to turn weapon boosters on/off.

In Shark Fight, you will see a Power button. Tapping it will level up your normal gun and release power balls with improved performance. However, this advanced weapon costs six times your regular shots. Besides, it needs a few seconds to recharge after making about 20 shots. In AirCombat 1942, your airplane uses only one type of weapon, but sometimes, an X-bomb appears hovering in the sky. It will blow and destroy neighbouring targets if you hit this bomb.

Bonus rounds in fish gambling games

Players can find mini-bonus rounds in some fish games, especially in the Funky Games catalogue. For example, Colorful Mermaid has a Pearl Treasure feature triggered if the player cracks down a gold-rimmed gem. Ten yellow gems will appear in a new window. At the bottom, you will see five mermaids. The player’s task is to pick the yellow gems, which reveal multicoloured gems or multipliers. The mini-game ends when you get two pearls of the same colour.

Another fish casino game, Captain Money, features a Wanted Dead Or Alive bonus feature activated when the player downs a special icon (a poster inside a bubble). A player is taken to a new screen showing six cards face down. The task is to open three cards, each revealing a multiplier. They are then multiplied to bring the final bonus winning.

Gun boosters

Sometimes, normal gunshots that bring about regular wins get a boost and increase their hit power, inflicting much damage and killing targets faster (or instantly). These perks are usually granted when the player destroys a special target. That is why fish game gambling online is loved by so many players out there.

In Calabash Brothers (Funky Games), there’s a bazooka target that awards 10x when hit. As a bonus, it randomly gives 20 to 100 free bullets. If the player captures another weapon, a Mega Drill, he gets a free powerful shot. The drill will destroy all fish on the fire line.

In some games, e.g. Wizard of Wild (KA Gaming), a player can choose between a normal gun and a heavy-duty weapon that costs six times as much. Certainly, picking the latter makes sense when fighting a tough target with a high health level; otherwise, a normal gun will not be sufficient to kill the target until it goes away from the screen.

Multiplayer casino fish games

Fish game gambling for real money has become easier with the titles supporting a multiplayer format. In fish games of this kind, players act like teammates combating the enemy. This format is implemented by making more than one player slot on the screen. If you visit a multiplayer fish game (most titles from KA Gaming), your gun will occupy one slot (normally, at the bottom).

Besides, you will see at least one empty slot for other players who can visit the game and join the fight with you. In most gameplay situations, you will not need other players’ help. However, offing a boss can be overwhelmingly difficult or impossible if you do this alone because a tough target usually has more health than the attack damage of your weapon. Two or more players can join efforts and fire at one aim simultaneously to have a high chance of hitting it down. As a downside, having a few active players on one screen makes the gameplay somewhat chaotic.

Best fish game providers

Fish game gambling is not a brand-new trend in the online casino realm; however, they are behind video slots and table games in popularity. Today, there are few igaming companies channelling their funds and efforts towards fish game development. You will hardly find big names here – with a few exceptions. Some of the best providers focusing on fish game gambling are explored below.

KA Gaming

With more than 50 fish game titles in the library, the company stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Their games come with three bet ranges ($0.01 to $10), Weapon Power (costs 6x bet), Auto, and Lock features. Each game has a few bonus targets but no bonus games. Before the boss enters the screen, you will see the ‘Boss is coming’ message. Online fish game casinos offer King Octopus, Zodiac Hunting, Iron Chicken Hunter, and other enthralling titles from KA Gaming.

Funky Games

Featuring a 10-fish game catalogue, the provider offers a unique Auto Fire option where players can set the priorities and sequence for shooting. Some fish games allow the player to rev up the initial weapon by hitting bonus weapon targets. Interestingly, fish and other objects tend to move diagonally across the screen, not horizontally, which makes the player tweak the shooting patterns. The top Funky Games options are Cai Shen 88, Fortune Dragon, and Heart of Ocean.

TaDa Gaming

This creative fish game maker boasts feature-packed multiplayer solutions with an increased weapon selection (railgun, missiles, etc.) and unique rechargeable boosters that give a powerful single shot once fully charged. Their free fish games have perfect mobile compatibility. Recommended fish games from this studio are Dinosaur Tycoon II, Crazy Hunter, and Bombing Fishing.

Fish gambling games tips and tricks

Fish games are one of the simplest options one can find in online casinos. No skills are needed to fire at slowly moving targets and earn money by hunting them down. However, some players might soon discover their bankroll is much lower than it was at the beginning. However basic and childish the fish games may seem, they still require quick wit and tactics. Without applying some tricks, you risk wasting your bankroll in no time. Below are some helpful pieces of advice for fish game online gambling.

Use bullet deflection

When a bullet hits the edge of the screen, it backfires and returns to the screen. The bullet’s bounce angle is the same as its hit angle, which opens up prospects for reaching more enemies. The matter is that the bullets never leave the screen when touching the edges – they keep bouncing until hitting a target.

With this in view, you can shoot at different angles to get the bullet to deflect into your enemies. In many situations, there can be a low-valued fish or other hindrance between the gun and your hunted target. If you shoot at the latter directly, you will first have to kill a smaller target to clean the bullet path.

Know when to cease fire

Holding the fire button down continuously is a bad option because you would waste the costly bullets on hard or dodgy targets that will disappear from the screen before you kill them. If you can see a target that requires 30 hits, but you realise you will not be able to make them for any reason (e.g. when there are obstacles between your target and the gun), it makes sense to cease fire and switch over to an easier target.

Fire when the round ends

Some shooting fish gambling games allow a player to continue fire after enemy waves have ended and a new one is about to come. Normally, this occurs before the final boss appears. A player has about ten seconds to think what to do: Change the weapon, turn on the automode or lower (increase) a bet. Besides, this time can be used to release bullets from your gun. The matter is that bullets will go on bouncing from the screen edges for as long as there is no target they can hit. So, when the new wave starts, you will already have dozens of free-flying shells inside the screen.

Be careful with the auto mode

Turning the automatic play on in a fish game casino is a good idea. However, the feature should not be left unsupervised when active. Experience shows that the automode often makes poor decisions and depletes the bankroll more rapidly than an ordinary player.

When there are hard targets, the incorrectly set automode will fire at them and waste the bullets because of dealing out very low damage. As a result, the target will finally leave the screen, and your money spent on bullets will be lost. Facing this situation, a smart player evaluates it quickly and stops firing or does not start shooting at all. However, the autoplay feature may act differently, leading to the loss of money.