Fu Fish Fish game by Skywind Group for real money

If you enjoy underwater-themed gameplay, the Fu Fish casino game is one of the best titles you can play for real money. This fish game offers three reasonable bet ranges, allowing gamblers to enjoy the title based on their budgets. Players must shoot the various sea creatures on their screens to reap the rewards in this Fu Fish game. The rewards you receive will depend on the fish you shoot.

  • Fu Fish screenshot
  • Fu Fish screenshot

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Fu Fish facts

✅ Name Fu Fish
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider Skywind Group
📅 Release date 2017
💹 Return to Player 96.5%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $1000
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Fishes, dragons
🎯 Objective Shoot fishes and dragons to win the prize
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 888x
✅ Provable fair no
🎁 Bonus Features Bomb Feature
🔄 Autobet yes

For instance, small fishes offer lower multipliers, while boss fishes offer higher payouts when you take them down. The highest-paying fish may offer a payout of up to 888x your bet, but the game offers other symbols and features that increase the payout potential to a whopping 5000x. This Fu Fish game review will explore the title further. Also, players will find a list of top online casinos with Fu Fish on this page.

What is a fish game?

This game category is unique from other online casino games you may have encountered. Fish games don’t have reels and paylines like online slots. Also, you don’t need to land three or more matching symbols to win in fish games. Gameplay in this genre of casino games online is pretty simple: Shoot various fishes down to receive your payout.

However, symbols in fish games pay out differently, and as such, your payout will be determined by the fish you hunt down. Boss fishes offer better payouts but are more complex to kill. Some fish games may also feature bonus rounds, additional features, or a multiplayer element, which makes gameplay more exciting and boosts your winnings.

Fu Fish game overview

The Fu Fish game was released in May 2017 by Skywind Group, an iGaming vendor proficient in other gambling categories, including live dealer titles. The game features various underwater backgrounds to make gameplay exciting. Therefore, the background in Fu Fish occasionally changes, where you can see sunken ships, a Chinese mask, a sea god with a trident, etc., alongside common marine life like coral reefs and various vegetation.

The title has three gaming modes, each with a different type of gun and bet range, which you select before playing Fu Fish for real money or fun. During gameplay, you’ll encounter various sea creatures, each offering a different multiplier when taken down. The golden flat-nose fish and the golden dragon offer the highest payout potentials in Fu Fish, 50x-500x and 200x-888x, respectively. The lowest paying symbol here pays 2x your bet.

Besides these fish symbols, the game has additional features that offer boosted payouts, such as the bomb, fishing season, and multiplier features. To play Fu Fish for real money, players need to click and hold the right mouse button while aiming at their targets to shoot continuously. If you’re playing on mobile, you need to touch and hold your iOS or Android screen to shoot at your targets. This fish game features an autoplay feature and a target option that makes gameplay more seamless and exciting.

Fu Fish game features

You’ll notice that the Fu Fish game interface doesn’t feature many UI navigation buttons when you launch the title. This is because a few clicks on the screen will start gameplay. In fact, from the main interface, you can click the back button to go back during gameplay and the ‘i’ icon to view more information about the game: Payout table and symbols, and in-game features. Therefore, below are the features of the Fu Fish casino game.

Betting options

As a shooting game, your gun/cannon will always have bullets during gameplay as long as you have a balance in your player account. You can adjust how much you play with by clicking the ‘-‘ button to reduce your bet amount or the ‘+’ button to increase it. Your balance is always located on the left side of your cannon. This balance can be viewed in coins or your local currency. To switch between the two, click on the balance section once.


Fu Fish is a multiplayer game, which is why you may find additional shooting cannons other than yours when playing the title. These additional cannons represent other online gamblers enjoying this fish game. You can view their balance and how much they win in real time. This feature makes gameplay more immersive as players combine efforts to shoot down the boss fishes, which are more challenging to kill, to get increased payouts.

Target lock

As mentioned before, you only need to click (touch) and hold to start shooting at various fish in the Fu Fish game. However, when manually playing like this, the line of sight of your target is usually blocked by other moving sea animals, making it hard to kill your target. So, with the Target Lock, gameplay becomes easier since this feature tracks down your prey with all bullets hitting it, even while other fish are blocking the view.

This feature allows you to land your blows directly, hence making it easier to eliminate the fish and enjoy your payout. To activate this feature, simply point your cursor at your target fish and double-click on it. This will shoot the target until it disappears or offers a payout. Either way, once a similar target appears, this feature will start shooting it automatically.

Fu Fish game rules

Like other fish games, Fu Fish doesn’t have any complicated rules. This means any interested player can join any of our best Fu Fish online casinos, deposit, select their bet size, and start shooting various sea creatures to receive a payout. Nevertheless, if you’re not familiar with this genre of casino games, we recommend starting Fu Fish free play before venturing into real money gambling.

That way, you can learn the paytable and strategise your gameplay to attack sea animals with higher payout potentials. However, you should note that fish symbols with higher payout multipliers are harder to kill, which means you’ll spend a lot before enjoying rewards. Target shoot will help you play more efficiently.

Bet sizes in Fu Fish

The game has three game modes which you select before playing Fu Fish for real money or fun. These game modes represent the bet range in the game and the type of gun to be used during gameplay. This enables players to pick a mode that best suits their budgets.

  • $0.01-$0.09: Your cannon shoots one bullet at a time in this mode.
  • $0.1-$0.9: Your cannon shoots two bullets simultaneously.
  • $1-$10: Three bullets are shot simultaneously here.

When shooting down targets, please remember that with each shot you take, your selected bet amount is deducted from your balance. So, the more shots you take, the more money you spend on the game. Your winnings in the game are added to your balance automatically.

Normal symbols and payouts

There are diverse fish symbols that will swim through your gaming screen during gameplay. Each of these symbols pays differently, but they can be categorised into low-paying and high-paying characters.

  • In Fu Fish, the low-paying symbols will offer payouts of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, and 18x,
  • The high-paying characters, on the other hand, offer the following payouts: 20x, 25x, 30x, 40x, 50x, and 80x.

Additionally, you’ll have boss fishes in Fu Fish: The golden dragon (200x-888x) and golden flat nose fish (50x-500x) offering the most lucrative payouts. Remember, they’re the hardest to take down.

Bonus symbols and payouts

Besides the fish characters you’ll find in the game, there are extra symbols that may trigger additional payouts. They include:

  • Multiplier feature: This element is denoted by fish appearing inside a bubble in Fu Fish. The fish trigger a multiplier feature that awards multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x. Therefore, once the fish in the bubble is killed, its prize will be randomly multiplied by any of these multipliers to offer increased winnings.
  • Bomb feature: This is probably one of the best symbols in Fu Fish because it can offer winnings of up to 5000x your bet, depending on the amount fishes on the screen. When the bomb explodes, it kills all the fish on the screen except for the golden dragons. If there are no fish when it explodes, players get a 5x payout.
  • Fishing seasons: During the fishing seasons, all kinds of fish migrate in special formations. This happens occasionally in Fu Fish, and you’ll always be notified when it begins. Therefore, during this season, fishes offer increased payouts, meaning the more you kill, the more payouts you’ll enjoy. You should note that the Fishing season only appears for a short time.

Automatic play in Fu Fish

There’s no UI button that launches autoplay in Fu Fish. Instead, you can enable Autofire, where the cannons keep shooting automatically in the direction of your cursor, by double-clicking on any empty area on your screen. Clicking once on any empty screen section stops this feature.

Play Fu Fish for free in demo mode


The Fu Fish multiplayer casino game is one of the most popular fish titles you can play online. The game lets you choose a bet range with the highest range ($1-$10), offering a three-gun cannon firing three bullets at once. While you can target any fish on the screen, the high-paying symbols that offer up to 500x and 888x may offer higher rewards, but you risk losing your bankroll since they’re harder to kill. The highlight of the Fu Fish game is the multiplier feature that awards random rewards, fishing seasons with fish offering increased payouts for a short time, and the bomb feature, which kills all the fish on the screen, offering a maximum payout of a stunning 5000x your bet.