Heart of Ocean Fish game by Funky Games for real money

The laws of maritime salvage dictate that the finder of a sunken treasure is the owner of the treasure. That is the same case with the Heart of Ocean fish game, where you sail into the depths of the ocean searching for lost treasure boxes. However, that's not all that you'll find. Various sea animals, ghost ships, and bombs loom in the ocean, and your goal is to shoot them down with your cannon to receive fantastic rewards up to 1000x your bet size.

  • Heart of Ocean screenshot
  • Heart of Ocean screenshot

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Heart of Ocean facts

✅ Name Heart of Ocean
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider Funky Games
📅 Release date 2021
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $500
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Ocean, underwater creatures, ghost ship
🎯 Objective Shoot sea creatures and other targets to get the reward
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 2000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

You receive a corresponding payout for whatever sea animal or target you take down in the Heart of Ocean fish casino game. This review will explore the game further, covering its features, bet sizes, payouts, and more. Additionally, you’ll find a list of top casinos online with the Heart of Ocean game.

What is a fish game?

Fish titles are a relatively new online casino game genre that offers players a different way of gambling and entertainment. These games feature a different mechanic than table or crash games, where players need to shoot down sea animals to receive a payout. However, the amount you win will depend on the type of fish you target since there are various fish levels, with fish bosses offering the highest payouts but are hard to kill. Also, some fish games may offer bonus rounds or other additional features. In the Heart of Ocean fish game, there’s no bonus round, but there are other targets that offer impressive payouts.

Heart of Ocean game overview

This game, developed by Funky Games, is one of the popular options in the fish gambling genre. Still, you’ll find a good number of fish game options in Funky Games’ library, such as Captain Money, Narcos, Colourful Mermaid, etc. As a common theme in this category of online casino games, you’re certain to encounter aquatic life with additional symbols, usually offering higher payouts than other sea creatures. For example, if you take down the GodzillaKing or Caishen in the Heart of Ocean game, you’ll receive a 1000x and 9x-999x payout, respectively.

In the background of this fish game, you’ll see various ocean plants and features. Sometimes, the deep-sea features are themed around the boss creatures. For instance, when the Pterodactylus makes an entrance, you can see active volcanic mountains in the background, probably depicting the creature’s dwelling place. Generally, in fish games, boss creatures are hard to shoot and kill due to their high resistance to cannon attacks, and most times, they’re surrounded by groups of small fishes that prevent your bullets from reaching your target.

The small fishes, however, are somewhat easier to eliminate but offer lower multiplier payouts. Usually, after some time, a new fish wave will enter the scene. This is mainly before the boss fishes or targets arrive. Fortunately, the Heart of Ocean game features a few UI options that can make your gameplay experience simpler and more rewarding. These options include Auto shoot and Target shoot. This Heart of Ocean fish game review will explain these features later.

You might see cannons other than yours on various parts of the screen, shooting bullets during gameplay. This shouldn’t sway your focus away, as the Heart of Ocean is a multiplayer fish game. If you look closely, you’ll see the other players’ names and their balance as it increases and decreases. This makes gameplay more exciting and immersive as you can join forces and try to take down the boss fishes for an immaculate payout. Notably, up to four players can appear during gameplay.

Heart of Ocean UI navigation buttons

If you’re new to this fish game, you must learn what each UI button on your desktop or mobile screen does before you play Heart of Ocean for real money. Below is a description of the user interface buttons.

Betting options

Your betting cannon/gun is usually located at the base of the interface. However, its precise location can randomly change, appearing at the top or bottom of the interface, depending on the number of active players in the game. Regardless of location, you’ll find the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons on your cannon’s left and right sides. These buttons allow you to decrease and increase your bet amount in the game.

Double your bet

If you wish to double your bet during real money gameplay, click the 2X button on the right side of the screen. Afterwards, you’ll see your selected bet amount with an x2 figure next to it. So, if you’re playing with a $1 bet, $2 will be deducted each time you shoot. You can deactivate this option by clicking the 2X button.

Target shoot

With this button, you can ignore other creatures on the screen and focus on your target. Therefore, bullets will not be obstructed by other moving sea animals and will reach your target. To activate the Target Shoot feature, click the Target icon (above the 2X button). You’ll see an ‘ON’ notification on the Target Shoot button, meaning it’s active. 

Now, you can select your target and start shooting. This feature will come in handy when you only want to target the high-paying ocean creatures on the screen to enjoy more winnings. You can turn it off by clicking the same button twice. Notably, this feature can be used together with the Auto-shoot option.

Heart of Ocean game rules

Newbies will enjoy playing this fish game because there are no complex rules to deter them. You can select a bet size, start shooting randomly, and win some money. 

However, this is not the best way to start playing a new game since there are a few things to consider, like fish categories and their payouts. Therefore, we recommend trying the Heart of Ocean game for free or visiting some of our best Bitcoin online casinos with the fish game.

Free play will help you study the gameplay and payouts of various fishes in the game without spending your actual cash. Later, when you join real money gameplay, you can focus on the ocean animals with higher payouts since you’re familiar with the paytable. For a better experience, we can advise players to use the Target shoot feature, which focuses the bullets on only one target, giving you a higher chance of winning.

Bet sizes in Heart of Ocean

To play Ocean of Hearts for real money, you must first choose a room from the following options when you launch the game:

  • Lobster King Hall: $0.1-$5
  • Flame Dragon Hall: $1-$20
  • Thunder Dragon Hall: $3-$50

Later, you can adjust your bet size and press and hold the left mouse button on your computer to start shooting. However, remember that these cannons shoot a lot of bullets the more you press, and with each bullet, your selected bet size is subtracted from your balance. As such, you can quickly deplete your balance. Also, the cannon type changes when playing with the max bet in each hall.

Normal symbols and payouts

These characters appear on the screen and usually don’t trigger any bonus effects. They may include minor and boss fishes or symbols with varying payouts. You’ll find the payouts of these sea creatures after clicking the fish icon when you launch the Heart of Ocean game. These are the available boss symbols and their payouts in this category:

  • GodzillaKing: 1000x
  • Caishen: 9x-999x
  • Pterodactylus: 450x-900x
  • LobsterKing: 320x-800x
  • GhostShip: 100x-777x

These are the high-paying symbols. The system will always notify players when these bosses appear on the screen, indicating the precise prize multiplier when they’re taken down. These are some of the other symbols:

  • GoldenBox: 80x-240x
  • SilverBox: 60x-180x
  • CopperBox: 50x-150x
  • Naulitius: 45x
  • Sea Turtle: 40x
  • Stingray: 35x
  • Shark: 30x
  • Grouper: 18x
  • AnglerFish: 16x, etc.

Bonus symbols and payouts

In combat, the most effective way of taking out a group of enemies at once is using bombs. In the Heart of Ocean fish game, players can use this tactic by targeting the bomb symbols. These bombs explode, releasing a lightning charge or heat wave that takes out sea creatures around them, thus increasing a player’s winnings. These are the bonus symbols and their multipliers:

  • SerialBomb: 120x-360x
  • Lightning: 110x-330x
  • Bomb: 100x-300x

Payouts in the Heart of Ocean game will be made depending on your bet size and the multiplier awarded for eliminating the corresponding enemy fishes or targets.

Automatic play in Heart of Ocean

This fish game offers an Auto-shooting feature that allows the cannon to shoot continuously. This is an excellent feature for players who dislike pressing the shoot button endlessly. You’ll activate this feature by clicking the ‘AUTO’ button on the screen’s bottom right. Auto Shoot only shoots at random targets, but when used with the Target Shoot, it automatically tracks the prey with the highest multiplier on the screen. When using these handy features, you can select a specific target and let Auto Shoot do the rest.

Play Heart of Ocean in demo mode for free


Thinking of a career as a virtual pirate? Well, this fish game offers the perfect voyage where you can salvage any sunken ocean treasures and keep the spoils. Your aim is to shoot down sea creatures and other targets, which in turn give you multipliers that boost your stake. Some targets are hard to kill, but the multiplayer feature makes the game more engaging, enabling you to join forces to defeat the hard-to-kill boss fishes. 

That way, you can enjoy more impressive winnings. In summary, the Heart of Ocean fish game has a massive payout potential, considering the maximum multiplier (1000x) and the maximum bet ($50). This makes the game more appealing, and gameplay becomes more enjoyable when you employ the Auto and Target shoot features.