Fish Catch Fish game by RTG for real money

Ditch every concept about boring fishing games. Fish Catch is reinventing the multiplayer undersea experience from the ground up. The geniuses at RTG didn't just update their ancient Crab King. They built an immersive virtual underwater war zone packed with over 20 exotic marine fish types, each housing unique score multipliers. It's all-out undersea warfare where you can wager between $0.01 to $25 per shot. And with unique elements like the Mermaid feature, you get a chance to win multiple payouts by unlocking the wheel of fortune. This Fish Catch game review delves deep into the game details. It also lists the top Fish Catch online casinos to play the game for real money.

  • Fish Catch screenshot
  • Fish Catch screenshot

Best casinos to play Fish Catch Fish game

Fish Catch facts

✅ Name Fish Catch
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider RTG
📅 Release date 2018
💹 Return to Player 96.0%-97.5%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $25
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Sea, fishes
🎯 Objective Catch fishes to get the reward
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 1000x
✅ Provable fair no
🎁 Bonus Features Mermaid’s Luck Wheel
🔄 Autobet yes

Fish Catch game rules

Your main objective as a player is to collect as many fish as you can within the 6-minute game round. Once the round is over, gameplay stops automatically, you get a summary of the results and the next round starts shortly after. There’s a time counter at the top to show you how much time is left. And while the rules are simple enough, you’ll want to get looped in before diving in to play Fish Catch for real money. It’s a seriously interactive undersea warfare with diverse features and rules. Let’s start with the basics.

Theme and design

Fish Catch is a well-produced fish shooting gallery from top to bottom. Talk of gorgeous graphics bringing this underwater arena to life with stunning detail. The music and sound design alone will usher you into an arcade gaming mood. But the real stars are the different fish types patrolling these depths. Each one has a unique, bubbling mutant packing payout potential.

On-screen, you’ll command an artillery of high-powered guns sporting different multipliers to strategically snipe these creatures as they swim into your crosshairs. Line up shots, track targets in 3D space, and rapidly unload for explosive rewards based on each fishy victim’s listed value.

Multiple fishing guns

In this fish game, you won’t be taking shots with a single gun. Fish Catch arms you with a full artillery of five gun power levels to strategically deploy. You’ll be using cannons that scale from a modest 1x multiplier up to 10x. Your chosen gun will determine the cost of the bullets.

However, that high-voltage ammunition will drain your bankroll fast. You’ll need to play it smart, using the lower multipliers to pluck off the small fish while meticulously conserving the big guns to deliver maximum explosive force on high-value targets like mermaids and sharks.

Bet sizes in Fish Catch

Dive into the battlefront with Fish Catch’s six playrooms. Entry-level players start with wagers as low as $0.01 to $2.50 per shot. High rollers can pick the sixth level with maximum bets of $25 per shot. Here’s a summary of the six levels:

  1. $0.01 – $0.10
  2. $0.02 – $0.20
  3. $0.10 – $1.00
  4. $0.50 – $5.00
  5. $1.00 – $10.00
  6. $2.50 – $25.00

Whatever sandy scale you choose, that’s your fresh bankroll to unload from. For every bullet fired, the amount is deducted from your account balance. So, you can take as few or as many shots as your balance allows. The game has a counter that shows the combined value of all bullets currently on the screen (active). Ultimately, the minimum single-shot wager is $0.01, while the maximum bet is $25 per shot if playing at the highest level. Don’t worry about currencies. This fish game accepts multiple fiat currencies and cryptos like Bitcoin.

Normal symbols and payouts

As you lock and load, aiming for the high-paying creature, over 20 different targets could be swimming into your crosshairs. Each one has its own unique value and payout amount attached. It’ll be up to you as the skilled to methodically stalk and reel in those with the biggest bounties.

  1. Purple shark: This unmistakable marine beast reigns supreme in Fish Catch waters. Blasting one pays out between $5 and $1250, depending on your chosen playroom (bet level).
  2. Tiger shark: While outranked by its purple counterpart, the tiger shark still represents a major trophy prize worth $3 to $750, depending on the bet level.
  3. Devilfish: Don’t let the name fool you. These creatures are extremely lucrative bounties boasting $2 to $500 payouts.
  4. Golden shark: If you snag one of these shimmering golden creatures, it’s an instant $1 to $250 bankroll injection.
  5. Swordfish: Capturing and gutting this bad boy will give you $0.50 to $125.
  6. Tigerfish: A respectable catch worth $0.30 to $75 in fishy fillets.
  7. Junglefish: This tropical beauty’s exotic pigments might be stunning, but its $0.20 to $50 payouts are the real prize.
  8. Striped fish: Expect a decent $0.15 to $37.50 reward if you net this zebra-skinned swimmer.
  9. Guppy: It might be one of the smallest fish in these waters, but if hooked, it still carries a $0.10 to $25 prize.
  10. Goldenfish: Snagging one of these glimmering scales translates to humble but appreciated $0.08 to $20 paydays.
  11. Catfish: It might not be the flashiest, but this unassuming bottom-feeder still offers modest yet respectable $0.08 to $15 prizes.
  12. Colorfulfish: Blast this vibrant tropical and instantly brighten your cash balance with $0.05 to $12.50.

Use the Fish Radar and Fish Map at the top-right corner to find the location of the high-value fish and act accordingly. While sniping those bigger game-changing catches can obviously lead to life-altering scores, don’t underestimate the power of grinding it out and reeling in a steady stream of these smaller creatures, either. That’s how you refill the bankroll for more chances at locating true underwater riches. The higher the payout potential, the harder it is to kill that fish.

Note that each target has a safety net. The harder your shot is, the easier it is to break this net. If you’re using the 1x gun, you might need several bullets to catch some high-value fish. Activate the Fish Info button to display the target’s health bar (at the bottom) and value (at the top). With every shot, the fish’s health deteriorates, showing you how close you are to netting it. 

Bonus symbols and payouts

When it comes to unlocking the biggest bonus bucks, you have to take out one target more than any other: the Mermaid. This mystical undersea siren is the jackpot spirit haunting these depths. One good hit on her gives you a huge bonus payout, between $10 for the lowest minimum bets and $2500 for the highest levels. Hitting the Mermaid and making that money shot is your ticket to this fishing game’s most lucrative bonus event.

Bonus features in Fish Catch

Fish Catch is packed with two lucrative bonus features that can supercharge your undersea riches. From random bonus triggers to incentives for being the ultimate sharpshooter, this game ensures the action never lets up. 

Mermaid’s luck feature

This random bonus can pop up randomly during any firefight. When it activates, a wheel of fortune spins to determine a multiplier prize. That prize is calculated by multiplying your current bet amount by whatever wheel segment you land on. There are five slots: 72x, 98x, 109x, 130x, and 250x. Talk about the potential for serious lucrative bonus wins stacked on top of your regular fish-shooting payouts.

Top winner prize

At the end of each round, the player with the highest overall score gets crowned the elite ‘Top Winner.’ Along with their regular winnings, this winner also secures a bonus prize of 0.2% of the total bets placed that round. Basically, playing Fish Catch for real money pays off big time. This bonus prize provides relentless motivation to outdo other players at all costs to secure the maximum payouts.

Automatic play in Fish Catch

There’s no automatic play feature in the Fish Catch online casino game. This is a fully manual operation all the time. You’ll need to stay strapped in with your fingers at all times, ready to rapidly acquire targets and unleash bullets. That said, the game provides a couple of vital auto-assist systems to optimise your killing efficiency:

  • Auto Aim Lock: For skilled gamblers who need a little auto-targeting assist, the Auto Aim Lock feature lets you designate and latch onto high-priority fish targets. Once locked, your full payload will dynamically home in on that marine creature, ignoring all others until the money shot connects.
  • Auto Fish Select: To optimise your entire operation for pure efficiency, toggle on Auto Fish Select. This feature lets you pre-program which exact fish types are cleared for engagement and which are no-goes. That way, your full firepower only gets expended on the fish type you’ve green-lit while bypassing other marine life.

Remember, this is an active battleground demanding your full attention.

Play Fish Catch for free in demo mode

Like any skilled player, you’ll probably want to run a couple of practice drills in free play before you put that real money on the line. The best online casinos let you go zero-risk and test-drive Fish Catch’s full free-play demo mode first. Better yet, we have the game brought to you right here. 

This zero-consequence playground is vital for freshly enlisted anglers still working on getting their sea legs. Use it to experiment with all the unique gameplay mechanics, special symbols, and overall flow until you’re ready to join the front lines of premium waters. Remember, Fish Catch is playable on iOS and Android mobile devices.


Whether you’re redirected from Crab King or hit the Fish Catch online casino game straight, be ready for an immersive virtual fishing experience.  This is far more than just a simple fish-blasting simulator. Random bonus wheels, sharpshooter prizes, and that mythical Mermaid jackpot icon add layers of explosive money-making potential. With bet limits stretching from $0.01 to $25 per shot, Fish Catch caters to players of all risk levels. High-powered multi-missile cannons, intuitive mobile optimisation and features like Auto Aim Lock and Auto Fish Select make Fish Catch one of the best of its kind. Play it for real money in any Fish Catch or Crab King online casinos recommended here.