Mega Fishing Fish game by TaDa Gaming for real money

Launched by TaDa Gaming in 2021, Mega Fishing is a fish game that stands out due to both vibrant graphics and a range of engaging options, including special creatures bringing large multipliers or options like Awakened Boss and the Mega Octopus feature that offer potential rewards of up to 950x. Torpedoes and a railgun are among the special weapons you can use to upgrade your weapon. In this expert review, you will learn more about the game’s mechanics and access the best Mega Fishing online casinos that have this fish game and provide players with good conditions for real money gameplay.

  • Mega Fishing screenshot
  • Mega Fishing screenshot

Best casinos to play Mega Fishing Fish game

Mega Fishing facts

✅ Name Mega Fishing
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider TaDa Gaming
📅 Release date 2021
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $10
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Undersea creatures
🎯 Objective Shoot marine creatures to win tremendous prizes
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 950x
✅ Provable fair no
🎁 Bonus Features Mega Octopus Wheel
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish

Mega Fishing game rules

Mega Fishing is one of the top fish games from TaDa Gaming since both its graphics and features are outpacing. Players have an opportunity to pick special weapons for an extra charge, while special targets activate additional features when you kill them, such as a whirlpool for a starfish.

Bet sizes in Mega Fishing

Once in the game, you will be offered three betting options to play Mega Fishing for real money. They are Newbie, Joy, and Honor rooms with the range of $0.01 to $10, $0.1 to $50, and $1 to $100 per round. This range determines the bets you can set per a single shoot from a cannon. Please note that this range may be different in some online casinos, especially when you choose other currencies, such as Bitcoin at cryptocurrency casinos.

Normal symbols and payouts

The Mega Fishing online casino fish game has a wide range of targets divided into categories in the paytable menu. You win a corresponding multiplier once the target is defeated:

  • Low-paying: green fish and clownfish 2x, blue and yellow fish 3x, hedgehog fish 4x, jellyfish 5x, yellow and orange fish 6x, turtle 7x, octopus 8x
  • Normal fish: lobster 10x, devil-fish 12x, swordfish 15x, stingray 20x, hammerhead 25x
  • Goldfish: golden goldfish 40x, clownfish 45x, jellyfish 50x, and manta ray 55x
  • Giant prize fish (with a chance to win 5x Super Prize): huge clownfish 20x to 25x (or 100x to 125x), angelfish 25x to 30x (or 125x to 150x), and pufferfish 30x to 35x (or 150x to 175x)
  • Special fish: starfish 60x, bomb crab 70x, drill crab 50x to 80x
  • Bosses: jaws 60x to 120x, giant anglerfish 80x to 320x, gem turtle 50x to 70x (400x to 560x with 8x super prize), giant crocodile 150x to 600x, mega octopus 100x to 950x

Bonus symbols and payouts

TaDa Gaming packed this fish game with special targets activating different effects to increase the initial win. Additionally, there are targets which randomly add super prize multipliers:

  • Starfish: when you manage to kill the starfish target, it will create a whirlpool around itself, which can kill fish caught inside
  • Bomb crab: once defeated, it throws three bombs onto the gaming field with a chance to kill fish within this area
  • Drill crab: if you kill this creature, it drops an aim-able drill, which can affect other fish in this area to bring extra wins
  • Multiplier chances: there is a chance to win 5x super prize by killing a giant fish target or get the 8x super prize as an extra multiplier for the gem turtle Immortal Boss

Boss targets

The Mega Fishing online casino game has several boss targets. Immortal bosses are the shark, devil-fish, and gem turtle. This means the targets keep paying continuously as long as they are on the screen, rewarding for attacks until the creatures leave. The crocodile boss activates the Awakened Boss feature, and the octopus triggers the Mega Octopus Wheel.

Bonus features in Mega Fishing

Besides the extra options of starfish, bomb crab, and drill crab targets, Mega Fishing boasts several bonus options triggered by the boss symbols. Additionally, this fish game offers several special weapons you can purchase to upgrade your cannon.

Bonus Wheel

Players who have managed to kill the octopus boss will spin the Mega Octopus Wheel. First, you’ll access a bonus wheel with 100x to 200x multipliers. There are two sectors to enter the Bonus Wheel with higher multipliers coming up to 950x, which is the game’s maximum winning potential.

Awakened Boss

When you manage to kill the giant crocodile boss, it activates the Awakened Boss effects, which makes the creature attack the fish on the screen. The more fish it kills on its way, the higher the multiplier credited as your win.

Special weapons

Your standard bet per shoot is determined on the menu panel. However, it’s not the strongest weapon, so it takes quite long to hit large targets. When you want to boost your shots, you can use one of the three options on the right to upgrade your weapon:

  • Torpedo: you can fire torpedoes for 6x the bet amount, which increases your chances of killing the fish faster and more efficiently
  • Railgun: the option costs 15x your bet and can activate chain lightning after you kill the fish this way (the maximum multiplier is applied for the killed Drill Crab)
  • Thunderbolt: this weapon is free, but you need to charge it by shooting with other weapons; when the metre is full, you can trigger a large-range attack

Additionally, you can activate the Frozen feature for 3x the bet. When active, it keeps the playing field frozen for 15 seconds, which allows players to keep on hitting a certain target without letting it leave. Please note that the option may not be available in some online casinos.

How to play Mega Fishing for real money

Mega Fishing has an easy-to-understand interface, so you’ll experience quick and intuitive navigation on both desktops and mobile devices powered on iOS and Android. You can follow this guide to learn how to play this fish online casino game:

  1. Compare Mega Fishing online casinos from our rating to choose the best one which suits your needs, including available payment methods and withdrawal limits
  2. Test the free-play mode if you don’t understand a certain gameplay option and want to check how it works
  3. Launch the Mega Fishing casino online game and choose one of the three rooms with corresponding betting limits
  4. Determine your bet per shoot, click on the target you want to defeat and keep on shooting, trying to kill the fish before it leaves
  5. Optionally, you can use special weapons, but keep in mind that you’ll pay 6x or 15x for them (Thunderbolt is free but needs to be charged)

Automatic play in Mega Fishing

TaDa Gaming equipped Mega Fishing with a really advanced autoplay mode. The icon below the screen allows players to open the menu and regulate a range of settings. You can select the target fish (tick on the targets you want to involve) and agree or disagree to include all fish targets worth less than 25x. You can regulate the total number of shots (10 to 99,999) you want to launch via the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons.

When the settings are determined, you can watch the gameplay and stop the autoplay mode anytime. Alternatively, you can tap an ‘Aim’ widget to focus on a single target. The game will generate automatic shots at this creature at your standard bet or at the cost of special weapons you’ve activated.

Tips to play Mega Fishing online

Basically, you should pay attention to your online casino’s terms to avoid too complicated deposit turnover requirements or fees. But here’s a more practical guide so that you can play Mega Fishing for real money with a range of tips based on gameplay settings:

  • The three rooms with different betting ranges you see when the game launches are a great way to select the one most suitable for your bankroll to play responsibly.
  • Try to stop shooting when the Starfish, Bomb Crab, or Drill Crab creatures are defeated. They activate a reaction that can kill a range of other creatures automatically, and you won’t have to pay for real-money bets in this case.
  • Be careful with Torpedo and Railgun weapons since 6x or 15x multipliers will be applied to each shot, so you can quickly run out of balance.
  • Apply the Thunderbolt weapon once it’s charged (it’s valid for 24 seconds only) to use its power and start charging the metre again by making new shots.

Play Mega Fishing in demo mode for free


After exploring players’ reviews and testing the game, we can conclude that TaDa Gaming created an unusual fish online casino game with a really huge range of targets and amazing graphics, immersing gamblers into the underwater world. This gameplay is excellent on multiple mobile devices since the game is cross-platform. The range of special weapons looks impressive, and several bosses boast interesting features like the Mega Octopus Wheel in addition to their high rewards. The autoplay mode is also catchy due to its advanced settings. All these things make Mega Fishing a popular fish casino game with a large 950x winning potential.