3 Gods Fishing Fish game by Dragoon Soft for real money

Forget slots and table games for a moment. The newest casino craze is all about fish games. A perfect example is explosive, underwater shooting action like the 3 Gods Fishing game from Dragoon Soft. In this deep-sea adventure, you'll dive into an immersive underwater world while blasting everything in sight with your harpoon cannon. Your goal is to shoot down as many of those swimming cash prizes as you can. From tiny fish to massive monsters, each one equals a huge multiplier win just waiting for you. But that's not all. Whether you fire at the $0.10, $1, or $10 bet levels, you'll be gunning for that mind-blowing 1288x max payout in the Treasure Bowl bonus. Read this in-depth write-up as it reviews all the need-to-know details about the online casino game, plus a hand-picked list of the top casinos to play 3 Gods Fishing game for real money.

  • 3 Gods Fishing screenshot
  • 3 Gods Fishing screenshot

Best casinos to play 3 Gods Fishing Fish game

3 Gods Fishing facts

✅ Name 3 Gods Fishing
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider Dragoon Soft
📅 Release date 2019
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $100
🎨 Theme Asia
👀 Objects Sea animals, dragons
🎯 Objective Hunt sea creatures to get the treasure
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 1288x
✅ Provable fair no
🎁 Bonus Features Treasure Bowl
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Chinese, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

3 Gods Fishing Game rules

Every casino game has its rules, and this underwater battleground is no different. Getting familiar with 3 Gods Fishing’s core gameplay is crucial for maximum fish-blasting thrills. Let’s start with the basics:

Mobile play

One of the best things about this fishing game is that it’s been fully optimised for mobile action. Whether you’re slinging harpoons from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, 3 Gods Fishing automatically serves up a specialised handheld version, packing the same graphics, gameplay, and prize potential as the original desktop version. Every jaw-dropping undersea creature, every monster multiplier, the entire trigger-happy feeding frenzy – it’s all there in the palm of your hand wherever you are.

Interface and graphics

This game is a visual stunner that’ll plunge you into a realistic underwater realm. The slick user interface makes adjusting bet sizes, autoplay, and all the settings an absolute breeze. The main gaming arena itself is a vibrant ocean environment loaded with dynamic elements constantly swimming and shifting. It can almost feel overwhelming at first with so many elements in motion. But it’s almost like you’re literally submerged in a living, breathing aquatic world.

Demo mode

Before you play 3 Gods Fishing for real money, most online casinos let you first test the waters risk-free through the demo mode. This practice playground is ideal for freshly enlisted players still getting their footing. It provides the perfect free-play environment for getting fully acquainted with every single gameplay mechanic, bonus feature, and overall flow before finally diving in with real cash on the line. It’s an essential ‘try before you buy’ to make sure these fish fights are worthwhile.

Bet sizes in 3 Gods Fishing

In 3 Gods Fishing, there are three levels where you pick your battlefront. Each has different bet limits, as summarised below.

  • The Affluent Hall: This is the shallow-end level where the small bets swim. Here, you play with bets from $0.10 to $1. This is the perfect spot for getting your experience and dialling in your trigger discipline.
  • The Richness Hall: If you are feeling more adventurous, this is the level for you. This midrange realm demands bigger bets, from $1 to $10 on each barrage you unload into its murky depths.
  • The Nabobism Hall: The level is reserved for only the most grizzled, deep-pocketed sharpshooters. Entry into this hall requires wagers from $10 to $100.

The highest multiplier you can bag is 1288x. This means that if you place the maximum bet of $100, you can walk away with $128,800. Pretty decent payout. Whichever battlefield fits your bankroll best, just remember that every shot pumps your chosen stake from your clip. You’d better make every single trigger squeeze count.

Normal symbols and payouts

In the depths of 3 Gods Fishing, you’ll be targeting a diverse array of regular fish targets. Each packs preset payouts based on their rarity and your current bet size.

  • Small fish: These are the most common little fish swimming about. Nailing these modest catches will score you 2x to 10x returns on your wager.
  • Medium fish: This is a step up in size and scarcity. Catching these mid-rangers onto your deck can reel in heftier 12x to 50x multipliers.
  • Large fish: The true big-money symbols lurking in these waters are the large fish. Shooting down one of these rare creatures could see you celebrating with payouts skyrocketing from 60x to 150x your bet.

Even without bonus games, these slippery targets are pure, straightforward profits waiting to be caught.

Bonus symbols and payouts

Sure, catching the regular fish is all good for steady fiat or bitcoin profits. But if you’re really thirsty for the big multiplier blowouts, there are bonus symbols. 3 Gods Fishing game stacks a roster of premium, bonus-triggering aquatic targets like:

  • Violet Gourd: Landing one of these fish lands you a random multiplier.
  • Icy Fish: This chilling catch showers you with 50 frosty-free bullets. Any wins scored from those bonus shots get boosted by 1x, 3x, 5x or 8x.
  • Lion Fish: A powerful pride of 3 bullets gets unleashed with each of these fearsome strikers caught.
  • Tai Chi: Triggers a thunderbolt frenzy, assaulting every single fish on the screen. You can net 50x minimum if you have landed enough scaly cash.
  • Dragon Egg: Crack this dragon to get random multipliers rocketing from 5x to 55x. It also summons either an Azure or Gold Dragon.
  • Fortune Kid: Hitting this bonus symbol showers random multipliers from 50x to 150x on your latest catch.
  • Cash Tree: Wins randomly when caught, delivering multiplier windfalls from 10x to a staggering 100x.
  • 3 Gods: Sniping one of these sacred statues gives you totally random 100x to 333x multipliers.
  • Mahjong Fish: Landing a full tile set of these suckers activates mega payouts – Big Three gets you 6x, 16x, 36x, or 66x multipliers, Big Four gives 8x, 18x, 38x or 88x your stake and the All Honors triggers incredible 50x to 200x multipliers.

Bonus features in 3 Gods Fishing

Every time you unleash your bullets, you’re one step closer to potentially triggering the holy grail of bonuses. This fish game has two:

  1. The Treasure Bowl: An utterly cosmic bonus feature that dishes out 888x to 1288x multipliers. One lucky shot is all it takes for that life-altering catch.
  2. The Rich Quest: Snipe the required number of targets based on the top-screen hints, and you’ll secure a lucrative red envelope bonus stuffed with even more cash.

These are two exceptionally juiced bonus pathways to cracking open 3 Gods Fishing’s most rewarding depths.

Automatic Play in 3 Gods Fishing

For anglers who prefer kicking back and watching the action unfold, 3 Gods Fishing serves up a fully loaded autoplay mode. This handy utility lets you pre-program and then sit back as the bullets start flying automatically for a set number of rounds or until specific win conditions are met. Before engaging autopilot, you can fully customise the experience. Select your preferred bet amount, choose to target all fish or just certain species, prioritise special cannons or quest objectives, and dial in exactly how many times you want to fire the bullets. Once you’ve locked in these parameters, you can grab a drink and vibe out as you play 3 Gods Fishing for real money autonomously. You enjoy a majestic underwater battleground in a relentless, hands-free, self-sustaining experience. Now, that’s some serious convenience.

How to Play 3 Gods Fishing

After familiarising yourself with the paytables and rules, it’s time for some real-money action at 3 Gods Fishing online casinos. Lock and load your harpoons and get ready for action. First, pick your battlefront—the Affluent Hall for low-stakes recon missions, Richness Hall for bigger mid-range budget hunting, or the full-tilt Nabobism Hall if you’re a high-risk gambler. With that done, the underwater battlefield opens up. 

Use your mouse or tap the screen to adjust the bet sizes and start unleashing volleys at every fishy target swimming into the horizon. Once you identify a target, use the Lock On feature to shoot it down until you win; it disappears from the horizon; or you identify a different symbol. This feature programs your cannon to focus on the target and ignore other symbols. Wherever the target goes, the cannon follows as long as it’s visible on the screen.

The bigger the catch, the fatter the payout. But for the real money shots, you’ll want to scrutinise each catch for those elusive special spawns like the Violet Gourd, Mahjong tiles, or the Fortune Kid. Sniping these special creatures could activate huge multipliers, screen nukes, bonus barrages and maybe even that colossal 1288x Treasure Bowl jackpot. With autoplay facilitating extended automatic plays, this is a full-fledged aquatic assault. Lock those targets and play autonomously.

Play 3 Gods Fishing for free in demo mode


3 Gods Fishing is an exceptionally lucrative catch for online casino players. The flexible bet limits range from just $0.10 to $100 per round to ensure that both casuals and high-rollers can find their perfect shooting ground. Speaking of payouts, this fishing game is stacked with rewarding bonus features and special multiplier symbols. 

From the earth-shattering 1288x Treasure Bowl to radiating spawns like the Fortune Kid that shower up to 150x wins, there’s a surplus of big money-making opportunities. But what lands 3 Gods Fishing among the underwater elite is its top-shelf presentation. With jaw-dropping graphics, mobile optimisation, and autoplay utility, it’s an immersive aquatic world that puts you right in the centre of underwater action. For thrill-seekers itching for real-money fish game excitement, check out the 3 Gods Fishing online casinos on this page.