4 Dragon Kings Fish game by KA Gaming for real money

4 Dragon Kings is a multiplayer fish game from KA Gaming with five bonus symbols that trigger special effects and let you catch more fish. As in many other fish games, the action takes place underwater. Bet sizes will fit many players as bullet costs range between $0.01 and $10, with an option to choose your bet level at any time. The game has Lock and Auto features to make shooting the targets easier. How much you can win solely depends on you, your selected tactics, and the ability to pick proper targets.   

  • 4 Dragon Kings screenshot
  • 4 Dragon Kings screenshot

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4 Dragon Kings facts

✅ Name 4 Dragon Kings
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider KA Gaming
📅 Release date 2022
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $10
🎨 Theme Asia
👀 Objects Dragon kings, fishes, sea creatures
🎯 Objective Shoot sea creatures and dragon kings to grab the winning
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 388x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

4 Dragon Kings rules

Upon entering the online casino game, you will occupy one of the four available weapons slots (the bottom left by default). There is no option to select a weapon and increase its performance. You will have a default stationary machine gun that will change skins and bullet designs as soon as you pick another bet size, but the bullet power will remain the same, no matter the weapon’s skin.

Bet options

At the beginning of the game, the player is offered to choose a room: Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Each room has a specific bet range: $0.01 – $0.10, $0.10 – $1, and $1 – $10. By choosing any room, you are limiting the cost of a bullet to this range. 

When inside the online casino game, you can adjust a bet size within your chosen limits; however, the bet sizes are unavailable in one-cent increments. For example, the Bronze room lets you fire at $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.05, $0.08, and $0.1 per shot.

Multiplayer fish game format

The online casino game rooms up to four players simultaneously. As the game is not so popular, you will often find yourself the only visitor with a cannon gun at the bottom left. The next player to join the fish game will occupy the slot next to you. You will hardly coordinate your actions, e.g. at which target to shoot together, because there’s no chat in the game. A multiplayer format can be fun – though its feasibility is under question.

Maximum win in 4 Dragon Kings

Regular non-bonus fish pay out $500 at the maximum bet. If you hunt down the East Sea Dragon Fish, you can get $3880.       

Game results 

KA Gaming has a handy tool called Game Result. It is hidden by default, and you must click the yellow arrow docked to the left edge to access it. The panel that opens will show you the number of bullets, the total bet, and the total win associated with each target you hit or kill. If you hit a fish but failed to destroy it completely, the Total Win column shows a negative dollar amount, which means you’ve lost that money. Use this widget to understand the game details better. 

Normal fish symbols and payouts

The game offers 10 regular symbols that award you certain payouts when you hunt them down. Tap ‘Paytable’ to open a popup that displays all kinds of fish and respective payouts. Here is a breakdown:

  • Yellow fish: 2x
  • Grey fish: 3x
  • Clownfish: 5x
  • Yellow striped fish: 8x
  • Blue fish: 10x
  • Red fish: 12x
  • Small grey fish: 15x
  • Langust with a sword: 20x
  • Langust with a trident: 30x
  • Magic Turtle: 20x – 50x

To kill a target, you must hit it with a bullet for a number of times. The more valuable the target, the harder it is to slay. 

Special symbols and payouts

Shooting some fish can be more profitable because you can unlock additional features as soon as you kill that special target. In most fish games, bonus characters are more challenging to attack because they have more health and enter the screen far from your gun. In 4 Dragon Kings, there are five bonus symbols, and they are not that tough to whack. 

From our experience, you can kill a bonus fish pretty often, even if smaller targets sometimes occur between your gun and the bonus fish. Anyway, these are the special targets you can find in the game:

  • Alchemy Furnace: A golden item shaped like a teapot will freeze all the fish on the screen for 10-15 seconds. Besides, killing it will bring you a 20x bet.
  • East Sea Dragon King: This creature, looking like a magician with a metal wand, triggers a flame column that captures many targets. It also triggers a random award of 38x to 388x. 
  • West Sea Dragon King: Whack this blue-robed magician to trigger a superstorm that can bring down small targets and inflict damage on larger ones. You will also win 38x to 188x. 
  • South Sea Dragon King: The yellow magician will create a flame explosion that kills and wounds many fish. Also, it has a 38x to 188x payout. 
  • North Sea Dragon King: If you want to electrocute the enemies, hit the Purple Wizard to death and see a chain reaction executing all kinds of fish. Your reward will be 38x to 188x if you hunt the magician down. 

Lock feature

You can ease up your shooting routine by turning on the Lock feature. To engage this useful tool, tap the LOCK icon on the right hand. You will then be prompted to tap on any target. After doing so, the game will automatically fire at your selected fish. 

Once the target is destroyed, the game will switch to other fish of this kind if they are visible on the screen. If no fish of the species that you have selected is present in view, the game will not fire automatically. You can disable the feature by tapping UNLOCK. 

An interesting thing about the ‘Target Lock’ tool is that all bullets hit your chosen fish directly, even if other objects are passing the firing line. The bullets hit the target as if the firing line were clear, which is one of the advantages of using the feature. Notably, this functionality is widespread across fish games, but not every game allows direct hits, as described above.

Be careful with the LOCK. The software often makes wrong decisions and shoots targets indiscriminately. It usually picks hard targets that are already near the edge and are about to disappear in a few seconds, so the game will spend bullets without any chance of killing that target. If you bet $10, you risk draining your online casino bankroll very fast.  

Auto mode

This is allegedly the most useless feature in 4 Dragon Kings. All it does is keep on firing till you cancel this mode by tapping Stop. It is really impossible to figure out any advantages here, but there are two clear drawbacks that you will see as soon as you turn the Auto on: 

  • The cannon releases bullets in one direction that you point manually. It does not track a target. So, if you do not touch your mouse button or touchscreen, the weapon will continue firing in one direction. Why would one need this functionality? There is no answer.
  • Bullets fired automatically cannot break through obstacles on their way to the target, compared to those fired in the Lock mode, so it makes no sense to turn the Auto on to reach distant targets.  

Important notes about 4 Dragon Kings

Mind an important thing that can save you real money when playing in an online casino: Testing the game for a few hours, our expert came to the conclusion that each fish has no exact health level. You can hunt down a magician with 20 shots (or even five shots), but five minutes later, you will never kill it with 100 bullets, and it will walk away from view, leaving you with a significant money loss. 

This is especially disappointing when you want to shoot down a valuable character, e.g. the East Sea Dragon King, and play the fish game for real money. 

So what’s the solution? We think you should avoid shooting mid- and high-level pics that have already covered about half of their suggested movement trajectory. However, this solution is not free from risk. 

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4 Dragon Kings is a fish game with a good bet range per shot ($0.01 – $10) and five bonus symbols that freeze, strike with lightning and make other bonus damage to fish targets. Considering the best payout of x388, you can grab up to $3880 per shot. The targets are not hard to zap; however, we spotted that the same fish has variable health levels, making tactics development tricky. It’s easy to predict the behaviour of fish as they move in preset patterns. 4 Dragon Kings has an efficient Lock feature to automate your shooting and make it more accurate. Compared to other fish games, this title from KA Gaming has few bonus features.