Bingo Fishing Fish game by Dragoon Soft for real money

In the fish gambling universe, Bingo Fishing is one of the most popular fish games you can play for real money. From its name, you can deduce that the online casino game developed by Dragoon Soft offers a stunning cocktail of fish and bingo gambling. Bingo Fishing is a pretty straightforward game with easy rules, and your goal is to shoot down fishes and targets in this sea-themed fish casino game.

  • Bingo Fishing screenshot
  • Bingo Fishing screenshot

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Bingo Fishing facts

✅ Name Bingo Fishing
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider Dragoon Soft
📅 Release date 2022
💰 Min./Max. bet 0.1$ - $10
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Sea creatures, ocean
🎯 Objective Shoot sea animals to get the winning
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 888x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Chinese, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

The game has different categories of sea animals, each offering a different prize, some even over 300x your bet. However, that’s not all; the game gets even more exciting with additional features and a bonus slot that offers additional payouts. This Bingo Fishing review will cover the game in detail, exploring its features, payouts, bonus rounds, bet sizes, rules, etc. Ultimately, we’ll recommend a list of the best Bingo Fishing online casinos on this page.

Overview of Bingo Fishing

Dragoon Soft is the game provider behind this title, but it has several other casino games in this genre in its catalogue. With Bingo Fishing, you have a fish game integrated with bingo gambling, where you receive rewards for matching bingo numbers on the available bingo cards as per the game’s payline structure. This sea-themed title features different sea animals, with the lower-paying fishes (symbols) usually travelling in groups and easier to kill with your gun.

In addition, the game has middle-paying and high-paying fish symbols that offer higher payouts. This means you can employ a personal strategy that helps you get the best results, depending on your gambling style. However, fish symbols aren’t the only ones available in the game. You can shoot down others like Cherries to open the three-reel bonus slot or the Battery that sends a lightning charge and kills various sea animals in the game to award you with increased winnings. Bingo Fishing offers various UI elements like auto-play to make your gambling adventure smooth and worthwhile.

Bingo Fishing game rules

This title has no complicated rules, meaning even a newbie can play Bingo Fishing for real money. However, before that, you must acquaint yourself with the game’s paytable. The paytable shows how much each game symbol pays; it can be 2x, 5x, 20x, 90x, or more. That way, you can better optimise your gaming tactics. As mentioned above, the low-paying symbols are usually easy to kill but offer low winnings.

The higher-paying symbols, on the other hand, are much harder to kill since they can withstand your attacks longer. In addition, you’ll usually not have a clear line of sight on your target since various sea animals/targets constantly move around and, most times, block your target’s view. This makes it harder to kill your target and enjoy your spoils. The harder it is to take out your target, the bullets you use, and in the Bingo Fishing game, each game represents your selected bet amount. This means you risk losing your bankroll quickly with each unsuccessful shot.

Bet sizes in Bingo Fishing

The bet sizes in Bingo Fishing will be determined by the hall you select when you launch the game. There are three halls, each with a specific bet range as follows:

  • Beginner Hall: $0.1-$1
  • Advanced Hall: $1-$10
  • Master Hall: $10-$100

You can adjust the bet amount in each range by clicking the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ UI buttons at the bottom centre of the interface. Your current bet amount is usually indicated below the cannon/gun. Notably, the bullets and cannon change colour as you change the bet size. As such, gold is the colour you’ll see when playing with the highest bet in each range.

Normal symbols and payouts

You’ll find a detailed payout table in Bingo Fishing when you click the information icon (i) during gameplay. This will display info about the game, including the ‘Normal Fishes’ and their payouts. At this level, you’ll receive a corresponding payout for any fish you shoot down, but you won’t trigger a bonus round. Here, the ‘Normal Fishes’ have the following categories:

  • Small Fishes: They offer multipliers such as 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, and 10x.
  • Medium Fishes: Payouts from shooting these fishes include 12x, 15x, 18x, 20x, 25x, and 30x.
  • Big Fishes: You’ll only have three options here. The big silver fishing pays 50x, the redfish pays 70x, and the sea turtle with crystals on its back pays 90x.

Bonus symbols and payouts

Not all symbols in Bingo Fishing are ocean-themed. This means you’ll have various targets to aim at that may reward you with increased winnings. That said, these are the bonus symbols in the game:

  • Boss Fishes: There are two boss fishes, and each time one is about to enter the primary section of the game, the system alerts you, indicating its multiplier when you shoot it down. Therefore, these two boss fishes are King Platypus with a 200x payout and Gold Crocodile with a 300x payout.
  • The Battery: This is a non-fish-themed target in Bingo Fishing. If you successfully hunt down the Battery icon, you’ll trigger a Chain Lightning that catches fish in sectors. This chain lightning effect strikes thrice after being activated, and your real funds aren’t used.
  • Golden Net: Another unique feature is the Golden Net. After activating this feature, you can scoop symbols on the game screen up to 20 times without cutting into your account balance. Moreover, wins from the Golden Net can be multiplied by 1x, 3x, 5x, or 8x more than the standard payout. For instance, if the Golden Net scoops a fish with a 50x payout, your winnings could be multiplied up to eight times.
  • Cherry: Shooting this symbol offers you a 5x payout, but that’s not all. It will also trigger the slot game once, where wins are guaranteed.
  • Rainbow Ball: This character wins you payouts ranging from 5x-55x. In addition, successfully shooting this Rainbow Ball down can award you between 1 and 5 bingo balls used in crossing off numbers on the four bingo cards.

Bonus features in Bingo Fishing

Besides the main video-style shooting game, Bingo Fishing offers two bonus features that excite gameplay.


With each fish that you shoot down, you can receive a varying number of bingo balls. These balls are arranged on the top section of the interface, with the ones you win shown inside a tube-like structure on the top left of the game screen. Of course, as mentioned, you can win 1-5 balls for shooting the Rainbow ball.

So, these balls have numbers, and if the ones you get from any combination line on any of the four bingo cards, you trigger the slot game once. Besides, if you get a fully checked bingo card, you’ll receive a super big prize of between 88x and 888x your bet!

Slot game

By now, you know how to trigger the three-reel slot beneath the bingo cards in the game. Wins are guaranteed when using the Cherry option, but there are no win guarantees when the slot is triggered by forming combinations on the bingo card. Of course, you must match three matching symbols on one row to win. These are the available symbols and their payouts:

  • Cherry: 10x
  • Orange: 30x
  • Peach: 50x
  • Melon: 80x
  • Bell: 100x
  • BAR: 200x
  • 7s: 300x

For instance, if you match 7s on the reel with a selected bet amount of $10, you’ll receive a $3000 payout.

Automatic play in Bingo Fishing

To play Bingo Fishing, you only need to place the cursor on your target and hold the left mouse button to start shooting. If you’re playing on mobile, simply tap and hold on your mobile screen. Bingo Fishing also offers a Scoop option that functions like the Golden Net, without the multiplied winnings, if you don’t want to use the cannon to spray bullets.

If you don’t want to keep pressing the shoot button, the other alternative is to use the automatic play in Bingo Fishing. First, you can use the Target Lock option and click on your preferred target on the screen, and the system will start shooting automatically. It will then stop if the target disappears or is shot down.

Moreover, you can use the Auto mode (on the bottom right of the game screen) to shoot many bullets. You can customise the Auto option by selecting your targets (small fishes, big fishes, cherries, king platypus, etc.), adjusting the number of shots (100-10,000), and clicking the ‘Start’ button to activate the feature. With Auto mode, the cannon only focuses on the selected targets.

Play Bingo Fishing in demo mode for free


If you enjoy video shooting games, casino fish games offer the perfect way of doing what you like with the added advantage of impressive wins. This game review has explained how you can play for real money and win. Also, we’ve recommended top online casinos, some of which allow you to enjoy this fish game with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The standout features of this Bingo Fishing game are the boss fishes that offer payouts up to 300x, the slot game, and the bingo round that triggers the slot game and can even provide payouts of up to 888x your bet. If you adopt an ideal gambling strategy, Bingo Fishing can offer some great wins.