FuWa Fishing Fish game by Royal Slot Gaming for real money

Released in 2020, FuWa Fishing is a popular online casino game with its theme based on a Chinese mascot, a good luck doll. The fish game features various types of fish that reward multiplied payouts whenever you catch them. Easy targets pay between 2x and 60x. However, the game has bigger prey, which are hard to catch due to their size, but once you do, you’ll walk away with varying payouts ranging between 20x and 120x, depending on what you’ve fished. To make your gambling session more thrilling, the FuWa Fishing game offers plenty of bonus features such as a Fortune Toad, Dragon’s Wheel, Gold Ingot Treasure, etc., with the main character, FuWa, offering a payout of 100x-300x. This review will explore the game in detail and list the top reputable FuWa Fishing online casinos.

  • FuWa Fishing screenshot
  • FuWa Fishing screenshot

Best casinos to play FuWa Fishing Fish game

FuWa Fishing facts

✅ Name FuWa Fishing
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider Royal Slot Gaming
📅 Release date 2020
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.1 - $100
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Fuwa, deep sea creatures
🎯 Objective Shoot sea creatures to get the winning
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 1000x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese

FuWa Fishing game overview

Created by Royal Slot Gaming, the FuWa Fishing game is a one-of-a-kind title that features a body of water as its background, where fish and other aquatic creatures, like turtles and a giant toad, swim through from all directions. To reduce monotony, the game switches between two setups, i.e., at one point, the background is an artificial lake with a bunker lid in the middle, and after a while, a wave will come through, and the setup will change to a natural water body with sea plantation and huge rocks.

Regarding marine life, the water body comprises various types of fish, including starfish, clownfish, swordfish, seahorses, etc., and other sea creatures like turtles and crabs. On top of that, the FuWa Fishing online casino game has a great deal of bonus features that offer higher payouts of up to 6000x. The main character of the game, FuWa, appears randomly during gameplay carrying a golden bowl, and if you’re lucky, you can win from 100x your bet up to 300x. 

What’s more intriguing is that the game provides a four-level progressive jackpot, a flame dragon cannon that awards 30 free bullets, and a mega drill that captures the fishes along its trail path. All these features will be discussed in depth later in the article.

FuWa Fishing betting features

Betting features are important in any online casino game, whether you play for real money or free. In this regard, FuWa Fishing provides a good number of gaming functions, including a betting window with preset bet sizes. One notable fact about this fish game is that it has four betting panels, allowing players worldwide to enjoy it simultaneously.

  • Aim: This button delivers precision by locking your bullet’s trajectory on your desired target. Activating it is pretty straightforward; simply hit the button and click once on your prey. The system will then focus the firing on your target and keep shooting at it until it disappears from the screen unless you change your focus before it swims away.
  • Turbo: This feature enhances the bullets’ firing speed from normal to fast but not the sea creatures’ swimming rate.

FuWa Fishing game rules

Whether you’re playing FuWa Fishing for real money or free using virtual credits, the game rules are standard and straightforward. This means the game caters to all sorts of players, including those new to gambling. You must first find an online casino with the game in its collection and create a player account. Afterwards, you can fund your casino account if you wish to play FuWa Fishing for real money, but if not, you can head straight to the lobby, launch the game, and start familiarising yourself with the game using fun credits.

Playing the game is pretty simple since all you have to do is select your preferred bet size from the preset values, aim your cannon at the target of your choice, and start shooting at it by constantly holding the left button of your mouse. Generally, the more prey you capture, the higher the reward. However, the game gets challenging if you encounter the immortal fish (blue whale, giant turtle, and hammerhead shark) or the fortune toad, as they’re hard to catch. But that doesn’t mean you won’t receive any payouts – firing at them constantly will inflict harm. Therefore, if successful, you’ll receive varying multiplied payouts between 20x and 150x.

You’ll also encounter the different bonus features during gameplay, and if you’re lucky, you’ll receive higher multiplied payouts, free bullets, or a chance to win one of the progressive jackpots.

Bet sizes in FuWa Fishing

When it comes to bet sizes, the FuWa Fishing game accommodates all kinds of players, including high rollers. When you launch the game from an online casino, you’ll see a display of three bet ranges (Newbie, Expert, and Supreme) with different limits. Therefore, your first step before starting your gambling session will be to select your betting range based on your gambling budget and risk appetite. 

You should note that every bullet you fire from the cannon will come at a cost, meaning you should choose your preferred range carefully by considering how much you’re willing or ready to lose if things don’t go your way.

As the name implies, the Newbie category caters to low-budget novice players, with a minimum bet limit of $0.1 and a maximum of $1. Medium-budget players can pick the Expert range, which allows them to bet with as little as $1 but up to a maximum of $10. Lastly, the Supreme level is meant for the most daring players, who can place minimum bets of $10 and a maximum of $100.

Normal symbols and payouts

Normal symbols consist of smaller targets that require very few bullets to shoot them down. The FuWa Fishing game provides a collection of 40 sea creatures, and each symbol offers an individual payout. Therefore, you should be considerate when picking your target.

  • Starfish/Searobin: Payout of 2x
  • Yellowhead Jawfish: 3x
  • Butterflyfish: 4x
  • Seahorse/Snail: 5x
  • Clownfish: 6x
  • Octopus: 7x
  • Swordfish:8x
  • Yellowfish: 10x
  • Catfish: 12x
  • Turtle: 15x
  • Puffer: 20x
  • Anglerfish: 40x
  • Skatefish: 50x
  • Crab: 60x

Bonus symbols and payouts

As mentioned earlier, a special category of targets in this fish game is impossible to kill, but they pay out after being hit a certain number of times. These targets offer higher payouts than the normal symbols. Although special, these creatures swim alongside easy targets, so you must decide which to catch when they appear based on your account balance and how much you want to win. The bonus symbols include

  • Blue Whale: 20x-100x
  • Giant Turtle: 30x-110x
  • Hammerhead Shark: 40x-120x
  • Fortune Toad: 50x-150x

Bonus features in FuWa Fishing

Despite being a fish game, FuWa Fishing provides non-fish features that offer higher payouts, bonus rewards, and free shots. These include FuWa, Dragon’s Wheel, Gold Ingot Treasure, FuWa FaFaFa, Flame Dragon Cannon, and Mega Drill. Let’s take a look at each bonus feature below.


As the game’s main character, you’ll receive a ‘FuWa is coming’ notice before it appears from any of the screen’s edges. After a few seconds, FuWa appears carrying a gold ingot and moves across the screen while waving at you. You can now start firing at the mascot, and if it’s your lucky day, you can walk away with a massive payout ranging between 100x and 300x.

Dragon’s Wheel

The Dragon’s Wheel also randomly appears from any side of the screen during a round. If you capture it, a giant wheel with different multiplier sections will appear on the screen, allowing you to play the bonus round once. The wheel is RNG-operated, meaning the system rotates it, and the result is predetermined. Depending on where the flapper will stop, the minimum multiplier you can receive is 60x, and the maximum is 300x.

Gold Ingot Treasure

Once this feature pops up and you catch it before it disappears, you’ll be granted a chance to participate in a highly rewarding lottery that can pay up to 100x your bet. You should note the system draws the leftmost ingot during the lottery when the game is down.

Flame Dragon Cannon

If you catch this feature, you’ll receive 30 free bullets, and any fish captured by a dragon bullet will be rewarded between 1x and 6x. Additionally, all wins from the Flame Dragon Cannon are multiplied by 10.

Mega Drill

This feature is represented by a rocket, and if you capture it, you’ll receive a free Mega Drill shot. The rocket fires a capsule that moves around the water body, hitting fish along its trail path until it explodes. Your winnings from the captured targets will be multiplied by 10.

FuWa FaFaFa Progressive jackpot

This feature is directly connected to the four-level progressive jackpot (Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand), and it’s usually assigned to random fish. If you hit it, you’ll activate the bonus round, which displays 12 gold coins, and beneath each coin is a symbol of the available jackpots. 

Clicking on a coin will reveal its symbol; thus, to play the round, you must pick three coins. If the symbols match, you’ll be awarded the corresponding jackpot. If the system is down, the game will automatically select the coins.

Automatic play in FuWa Fishing

During gameplay, you aim to capture fish by shooting at it using a cannon. To achieve this, you must constantly hold down your mouse’s left button, which might be tiring for some players. Therefore, the FuWa Fishing online casino game provides an autoplay function, ensuring an easy and enjoyable gambling session for such players. When activated, your only task will be picking your targets and aiming the cannon at them, and then the system will keep firing bullets. Note that this feature doesn’t offer the same functionality as the Aim button.

Play FuWa Fishing for free in demo mode


The FuWa Fishing is a one-of-a-kind fish game created by Royal Slot Gaming. The game is designed based on a Chinese good luck doll who randomly appears during gameplay and awards multiplied payouts between 100x and 300x. To play FuWa Fishing for real money, you must hit as many targets as possible. In this regard, the game offers a good collection of easy prey, but the catch is to aim at the special targets as they offer higher payouts (20x-150x) than normal symbols (2x-60x). On top of that, FuWa Fishing offers plenty of bonus features that provide bonus rounds, free shots, bullets, and additional rewards, including a four-level progressive jackpot.