Captain Money Fish game by Funky Games for real money

Captain Money is a popular title that falls under an exciting category of online casino games known as fish games. Created by Funky Games, the game features a sea-based theme with numerous creatures, including fish (jellyfish, snakehead, goldfish, puffer, etc.), octopus, and crabs, among others, and your task is to shoot as many animals as possible, and you’ll be awarded multiplied payouts in return. However, the payouts vary depending on the creature (min 2x) you shoot since each character offers an individual payout according to the paytable. In this Captain Money review, we’ll delve into the game rules, features, bet sizes, payouts, etc. We’ll also provide a list of top online casinos where you can play Captain Money for real money or in demo mode.

  • Captain Money screenshot
  • Captain Money screenshot

Best casinos to play Captain Money Fish game

Captain Money facts

✅ Name Captain Money
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider Funky Games
📅 Release date 2022
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.05 - $50
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Ocean, sea creatures, mermaid
🎯 Objective Get rewards by shooting marine creatures
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 777x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes

Captain Money game overview

As mentioned earlier, the game is designed based on a sea theme, meaning you’ll see a lot of marine life during gameplay. To begin with, Captain Money features a water body as its background, with a castle inside it, and various sea creatures like mermaids and fish swim across the sea. The game also has sea plants (cactus and weed) underneath the water body, and treasure boxes pop out from the left side of the screen, completing the sea theme. On the bottom left of the screen is a sailor immersed deep in the water, holding a cannon which he uses to shoot down his targets.

In other rounds, the aquatic creatures, treasure boxes, and the castle disappear, and the setup changes to above-water. In this setting, the castle is replaced by an island with palm trees and an ancient building. A volcanic mountain erupts on the right side of the island, and fold mountains are on its left. Only dolphins, sharks, octopuses, frogs, crabs, and some other animals are visible in this setup. 

Captain Money betting features

Like any other online casino game, Captain Money provides various gaming functions, ensuring you have a seamless gambling session.

Betting interface

This is one of the most essential features of any casino game. Whether you’re playing for real money or in demo mode using virtual funds, you can’t participate in a round without placing a bet. Therefore, the Captain Money fish game provides a simple betting window on the bottom left section of the playing interface (right below the sailor). The game features pre-set bet sizes, meaning you cannot manually enter your preferred bet amount. Instead, you can use the (-) and (+) buttons to either decrease or increase the displayed value, respectively.

Locking laser

Since the game’s primary objective is based on shooting targets, this feature acts as the telescope in sniper rifles. Basically, the locking laser helps you shoot more accurately without having to follow your target manually. To activate and use this function, click on the Lock icon on the left section of the screen and click on your target just once, upon which the system will lock the laser on your prey and keep shooting until it goes down or disappears from the screen. Generally, this feature comes in handy if you’re aiming to hunt down the bigger prey with massive payouts.

Speed adjustment

As the name implies, this feature helps you choose your desired firing speed during gameplay. You can pick between low, which is represented by one illuminated star, medium (two stars), or high (three stars). All you have to do is click the Speed button, and the highlighted stars will either increase or decrease. A new session starts with a low firing speed, and if you press the Speed Adjustment button, it’ll increase to medium, then to high. If you hit the button again after reaching the maximum speed, it’ll reset to low. You should note that this feature only increases the firing rate, not the target’s speed.

Captain Money game rules

The Captain Money fish game features pretty straightforward rules that are easy to understand, meaning even novices can try their luck in the game and walk away with significant winnings if lucky. But, before you can play Captain Money for real money or engage in free play, your first step should be finding an online casino with the game in its portfolio and signing up for an account. To save you the hassle, you can choose from our list of reputable Captain Money online casinos, create a player account, and deposit into it if you wish to have a real money gambling session. Afterwards, your next step will be to launch the game.

To begin enjoying the game, pick your preferred bet size from the betting interface, aim your cannon at your desired target, and start shooting by constantly holding the mouse’s left button. The game’s objective is to shoot down as many animals and creatures as possible. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds since some targets are hard to kill, and they might disappear from the screen without going down, leading to the loss of your funds. Moreover, it might be challenging to kill some prey as various creatures and objects often appear on the screen and start moving closer to the cannon, obstructing your line of fire.

You should note that different animals have varying payouts (to be discussed later in the article). Therefore, you should be careful when picking your prey to avoid wasting bullets.

Bet sizes in Captain Money

The Captain Money casino game offers two bet ranges (Money Room and Fortune Room), which you must select before proceeding to the game round. These bet ranges are mainly designed to accommodate the different sets of players. For instance, the Money Room caters to low-budget players as they can bet with as little as $0.05, but there’s a maximum bet limit of $5, which is affordable. On the other hand, the Fortune Room is meant for high rollers as it features a minimum bet cap of $0.5, and the maximum allowed bet amount is $50 per round.

Please note that the bet size you pick is essential during gameplay because every shot you make will come at the same cost, i.e., if you choose to play with a $0.05 bet size, each time you fire a bullet, it will cost you $0.05 of your account balance.

Normal symbols and payouts

As previously stated, each animal offers an individual payout, which varies across the provided school. The Captain Money game paytable features animals that live strictly underwater and those that can do both, i.e., swim on the water’s surface and also live beneath it.

The submerged category is made up of:

  • Goldfish: Pays between 2x and 4x your bet amount
  • Snakehead: 5x
  • Jellyfish: 6x
  • Puffer: 8x
  • Fry (young octopus): 10x
  • Anglerfish: 15x
  • Giant octopus tail: 20x-30x

When the game switches to the above-water setting, the featured creatures include:

  • Shark: 40x
  • Whale: 50x
  • Frog: 80x-777x
  • Crab: 50x-300x
  • Giant octopus head: minimum of 20x your bet amount and has no maximum multiplier.

Bonus features in Captain Money

The Captain Money fish game has two special fish category targets (a male and a female mermaid) and three non-fish prey (a captain cannonball, hot chilli, and a wanted poster) that freeze the game when shot down and activate a bonus round. These bonus symbols ensure an unforgettable gambling experience. Let’s take a deep look at these bonus symbols.


Whether you’ve killed a male or a female mermaid, you’ll receive a minimum payout of 40x your bet, but there’s no set maximum multiplier. When shot at, the mermaid will start turning red, and if you succeed in killing it, the mermaid will immediately disappear from the screen, triggering the bonus game. In this round, the mermaid will pop out from the bottom of the playing interface, with some of its body parts covered with shells. You must click on the screen within 10 seconds if you wish to participate in the bonus round, upon which you’ll be granted 30 seconds to click on any of the covered parts and reveal your payout for the round.

Captain Cannonball 

This bonus symbol features no fixed payouts. When you shoot it down, the captain is put in the cannon and used as the firing bullet. To release him, you must click anywhere on the screen within 30 seconds, upon which he’ll be shot out of the cannon. Once he’s out, the sailor will randomly move up and down the screen, knocking down any object or creature along his way while collecting individual payouts as per the paytable.

Hot Hot Chilli 

Like the cannonball, this symbol has no set payouts and adheres to the same gaming mechanic. When shot down, the sailor swallows the chilli, and his mouth starts spitting fire while swinging from one edge to the other. To receive a payout, you must click on the screen once the fire beam is within your desired range.

Wanted poster 

This bonus item follows a unique approach, different from the other two. When you shoot it down, a new window with a ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ poster will pop up on the screen and six playing cards beside it. You’ll then be asked to click anywhere on the screen to partake in the round. If you do, the system will shuffle the cards and show them facedown. Afterwards, your task will be to pick any three cards, and you’ll be awarded according to their blackjack values. For instance, if you choose a J, 9, and an Ace card, you’ll be awarded $20 (10 + 9 + 1). The Wanted Poster bonus symbol pays out between 20x and 2197x your bet amount.

Automatic play in Captain Money

As mentioned earlier, playing the Captain Money game requires you to aim the cannon at your preferred target and press the mouse’s left button to shoot. Therefore, to kill your target, you must hold down the button, and the cannon will keep on firing until the prey disappears from the playing interface or goes down. 

Some players might find it unnecessary to keep holding down the shooting button each time they want to eliminate a target. For this reason, Funky Games has embedded an Autoplay function in the Captain Money fish game, which, upon activation, allows the system to fire on your target automatically. Your only task will be selecting your prey and pointing the cannon to it.

On top of that, the game offers an Auto Lock button, which is a more advanced function of the autoplay feature. With autoplay, players pick their targets. However, the Auto Lock feature picks the set target and focuses on it until it either disappears or goes down. To activate this feature, click the Auto button above the Lock function, and a new window will appear on the screen. You’ll then be required to select your targets (which are categorised based on their payouts) and their priority during the firing process.

Play Captain Money for free in demo mode


The gambling industry has been constantly evolving over the years, from the introduction of online slots and online versions of classic table games to live dealer games, and now we have fish games. A good example of such games is Captain Money by Funky Games, a title that features a sailor as the main character, and his objective is to shoot down sea animals and collect winnings in return, but only if they go down. On top of that, Captain Money provides various bonus rounds, which are activated once you shoot and put down one of the bonus symbols (mermaids, a captain cannonball, hot chilli, and a wanted poster). As expected, the rewards for the bonus round are a bit higher, with the minimum payout being 20x your bet amount, and it can go up to 2197x or even higher.