Fish! Shoot for Cash Fish game by Origins (Playtech) for real money

Fish! Shoot For Cash is a 2022 smash hit from Playtech that absolutely reinvented online casino gaming. Your mission is to blast exotic marine creatures with bullets. This will score payouts skyrocketing up to 888x your total stake. Bet sizes span the full spectrum, too. It starts at $0.01, ideal for bankroll management, and goes up to $1 per shot for those craving maximum chaos mode. But slaying underwater creatures is just a tiny taste of the experience awaiting you here. Unique gameplay mechanics, mystical bonus creatures, and tantalising special features that'll leave you in awe will make everything livelier. For more details, this Fish! Shoot For Cash review covers it all and offers a list of the best online casinos to play the game for real money.

  • Fish! Shoot for Cash screenshot
  • Fish! Shoot for Cash screenshot

Best casinos to play Fish! Shoot for Cash Fish game

Fish! Shoot for Cash facts

✅ Name Fish! Shoot for Cash
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider Origins (Playtech)
📅 Release date 2023
💹 Return to Player 95.8%
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $1
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Marine creatures
🎯 Objective Obtain wins by shooting and exploding objects that swim
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 888x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet no

Fish! Shoot for Cash Game rules

Before you play Fish! Shoot for Cash for real money, you’ll want to get properly acquainted with the gameplay mechanics and rules of engagement. This is some deep-sea expedition that requires a steady aim. We therefore summarised the key elements to make it easier for you.


The main premise couldn’t be more straightforward. You’re right in the middle of an oceanic arena surrounded by all sorts of exotic fish species and underwater creatures. You’ll come across 17 different marine creature types swimming onto your scope. Playtech absolutely nailed the underwater aesthetics, too. With the smooth animations and on-point sound design, you’ll feel fully submerged. But don’t get too distracted admiring the visuals. The fish won’t shoot themselves.

At its core, Fish! Shoot for Cash is a skill-based arcade extravaganza where your one objective is simple: grab that literal gun, pick your targets, and start rapidly firing away. Each shot costs a predetermined bet amount that you control. However, you cannot fire 1 bullet, thus spending a cent, and then leave the game if you don’t like something about it. You have to buy the minimum 50-bullet case to start. The minimum cost is $0.50.


In sessions where reloading seems like a total buzz-kill, Fish! Shoot for Cash lets you kick back and offload that tedious task to the Autoloader. Just tap that Auto Reload button and pick how many spare ammo crates you want queued up – from 2 to 50 reloads. Once you lock in your desired number, hit Start and leave the grunt work to the machine.

While Autoloader handles your reloads, it’ll handily display your remaining magazines so you can keep tabs. If you need to overrule and reassert manual control, simply smash that Stop button anytime, and you’re back commanding the full armoury. The Autoloader upgrade is a game-changer for those craving serious long-haul shooting stampedes without lifting a finger.

Mobile play

For gamblers constantly on the move, Fish! Shoot for Cash proudly boasts full mobile optimisation across all handheld devices. The entire interface smoothly condenses down without a single cramp in style. Controlling the scope of an underwater expedition has never felt more effortless. Just tap and swipe the screen to easily line up targets in your crosshairs. Purchasing magazine refills, adjusting bet stakes, triggering autoloaders – it’s all seamlessly condensed on mobile. Whether you’re sniping fish from the comfort of your living room or sneaking rounds in during a lunch break, this underwater online casino fish game accompanies you wherever you are.

Bet sizes in Fish! Shoot for Cash

Fish! Shoot for Cash boasts a flexible bet range spanning from just $0.01 all the way up to a $1 maximum fury per shot. While these may sound like micro-stakes compared to other casino games, this underwater battlefield absolutely compensates with a significantly colossal payout spectrum that lets you multiply your wager by up to 888x if you hit the mermaid symbol.

The game’s versatility doesn’t stop there, either. Outside of the standard fiat currency chips, Fish! also welcomes crypto options like Bitcoin into these underwater actions. Basically, no matter what payment method or stakes preference you prefer deploying, this online casino game ensures you’ll be strapped and ready to raid the ocean floor. And as this write-up reviews, higher bets mean bigger ammo caches to unload each round. But those are the breaks when you’re an elite player dominating the food chain.

Normal symbols and payout

Winning in Fish! Shoot for Cash isn’t just about striking the elusive bonus creatures. This underwater arena positively incorporates an exotic array of ‘regular’ marine symbols. These are:

  1. Sharks: These apex predators might be at the top of the food chain, but blasting them scores an appetising 300x payout.
  2. Orca: Arguably the deadliest mammal in these depths, sniping one of these killer whales triggers a 100x bankroll boost. Not too shabby.
  3. Turtle: On their own, these shelled creatures have a respectable 50x score. But catch one with a Cash Bubble, and the multiplier skyrockets between 100x to 500x for some serious Ninja loot.
  4. Octopus: Don’t underestimate the eight-legged terrors. Squids are worth a cool 15x payout with every takedown.
  5. Stingray: While not the most lucrative, these flat sting-slingers are still good for a 75x multiplier each time you fill them with lead.
  6. Various fish: From bottom-feeding guppies worth 2x up to beastly tuna scoring 80x, the common fish populace in these parts offers an insane variety of payouts.

Basically, from the second you submerge in Fish! Shoot for Cash game, you’ll be surrounded by a literal ocean of scoring opportunities. Lock and load for those non-stop payouts await.

Bonus symbols and payouts

In Fish! Shoot for Cash, you’ll find the following three bonus symbols:

  • Mermaid symbol: This elusive undersea creature is the jackpot holy grail. One direct hit triggers a colossal maximum payout sized by your base bet.
  • Bomb symbol: Bombs are always a high-risk gamble under the sea. Shooters enter a nail-biting game trying to detonate to decide whether it’s a winning hit or not.  
  • Bonus chest symbols: Cracking one of these unleashes the wildly lucrative Free Shots feature. This earns you stacks without risking a single coin.

Demo mode

Like any savvy player, you’ll probably want to run a couple of practice drills before putting real money on the line. Thankfully, most online casinos let you test-drive Fish! Shoot for Cash in free play first with zero risks. This zero-consequence playground is absolutely vital for new players still working on becoming pros. Use it to experiment with all the gameplay nuances, special features, and overall flow until you’re ready to dive and play at top Fish! Shoot for Cash online casinos.

Bonus features in Fish! Shoot for Cash

Blasting ordinary fish is all good, but the real big-money scoring potential lies in triggering Fish! Shoot for Cash’s roster of tantalising bonus features. This is where the gameplay evolves from a casual undersea safari into an all-out payout fish game.

Bomb mega explosion

Hit one of the ticking explosive bombs and brace for an ultra-tense game of explosion. One shot holds two starkly different fates: detonate a win or blow it spectacularly. If the bomb detonates in a dazzling burst, it will decimate any nearby creatures. When this happens, you get a payout calculated from your base bet multiplied by the slain creatures’ combined values.

Bonus free shots

There’s nothing quite like raining down pure explosive anarchy, all while risking nothing from your bankroll. That’s the irresistible allure of the Free Shots feature. It can offer:

  • Small bonus: 100 shots with 2x power or 50 shots with 4x power.
  • Medium bonus: 100 shots with 4x power, 80 shots with 5x power, or 40 shots with 10x power.
  • Big bonus: 100 shots with 5x power or 50 shots with 10x power.

Cash bubble

Finally, the game-changers are the elusive Cash Bubbles randomly surrounding Clown Fish and Turtles. One direct hit and that floating bubble unlocks a random win multiplier. For the Turtle symbol, the multiplier ranges from 100x to 500x, while for the Clown Fish symbol, it ranges from 30x to 200x. There’s a potential to transform extremely modest listed payouts into life-changing fortunes with a single well-timed trigger pull.

How to play Fish! Shoot for Cash

Playing Fish! Shoot for Cash is simple. Once you open the game, skip the introductory screen by hitting Continue. That done, you’re dropped straight into the gaming grounds. First, arm yourself by tapping the price tag and picking your opening ammo pack and bet level. Check your bullet stash displayed above the Total Win zone.

The gameplay couldn’t be more simple. See a fishy target and blow it by clicking in that direction. One pull, one slug spent. But scoring hits is a game of risk. Your shot can cause the creature to burst into a rewarding coin shower based on its listed value x your bet, or it will be another dud. When you need more ammo, toggle auto-fire or let the Auto Reload system keep those magazines hot-swapping automatically when you burn through them. That leaves you free to focus on the real prize. With great mechanics and intensity that never lets up, Fish! Shoot for Cash transforms you into the ocean’s most outstanding player from the second you’re submerged.

Play Fish! Shoot for Cash for free in demo mode


Let’s talk about the main takeaways from this deep dive into Fish! Shoot for Cash. First off, this game completely reinvents what a casino experience can be. From stunning undersea visuals to the unique thrills of blasting everything that swims into your horizon, it lets you go beyond traditional gameplay. But it’s not just eye candy and non-stop adrenaline, either. The gameplay packs an utterly insane 888x maximum multiplier potential and betting limits from $0.01 to $1 per shot, catering to both cautious players and high-rolling whale hunters. Also, there’s the tantalising bonus fireworks from elusive rare spawns like Mermaids and Bombs.