Ocean Ruler Fish game by Skywind Group for real money

Ocean Ruler is a popular online casino game that has been in the gambling market since 2019. The game features numerous fish and sea animals swimming across the screen, and you must shoot them down with a cannon to receive a payout. You’ll come across different types of marine life, each with individual fixed payout odds ranging between x2 and x350. Other creatures with random multiplied payouts of 20x-500x might also appear during some rounds, significantly boosting your winnings. 

  • Ocean Ruler screenshot
  • Ocean Ruler screenshot

Best casinos to play Ocean Ruler Fish game

Ocean Ruler facts

✅ Name Ocean Ruler
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider Skywind Group
📅 Release date 2019
💹 Return to Player 96.5%
💰 Min./Max. bet $1 - $1000
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Marine creatures, ocean
🎯 Objective Shoot fishes and other marine creatures to win money
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 800x
✅ Provable fair no
🎁 Bonus Features Cash Bonus, Laser Beam, Big Drill
🔄 Autobet yes

The game also features bosses that award massive multipliers of up to 800x, but what’s more catchy about Ocean Ruler is that you can win up to 5000x your bet amount from the bonus features. This article will review the game in detail and list the top Ocean Ruler online casinos where you can play the game for real money.

Ocean Ruler game overview

Created by Skywind Group, the Ocean Ruler game falls under a new category of online casino games (fish games) based on sea life. The game features four different modes (to be discussed later) that automatically switch between your gambling sessions. Like any fish game, the Ocean Ruler screen is usually filled with different types of fish and sea creatures, such as sea robins, jellyfish, koi fish, hammerhead sharks, etc., swimming onto the screen from all directions. Generally, the game features a 95.6% RTP, meaning for every $100 you spend, you can expect a $95.6 return, but it’s not guaranteed since it’s just a theoretical value.

As mentioned earlier, some fish have fixed payouts, while others have random multipliers, which vary depending on how hard you hit the target. On top of that, the Ocean Ruler online casino game has numerous boss fish (crab, monster shark, octopus, and turtle), which are hard to kill but offer varying payouts of between 100x and 800x when shot at. But this is not the end of multiplied payouts, as the game offers six different bonus features, and if you’re lucky enough, you can walk away with up to 5,000 times your bet amount. All these features will be discussed later in the article, so keep reading.

Game modes in Ocean Ruler

The Ocean Ruler fish game offers four game modes, which automatically alternate during different rounds, breaking the monotony of seeing the same background repeatedly during your gambling session. Each game mode has its boss fish; some fish do not appear in some setups. Aside from that, all other game features are available in each setup, and it’s possible to kill multiple bosses during gameplay. Please note that the game modes appear in the order below and start again after the last one.

  • Green crater: This is the first setup you’ll see when you launch the game, and two crab bosses appear right before it switches to the next game mode. Each crab randomly moves in the opposite direction from the other. Hitting a boss crab will award you a varying payout of between 100x and 800x.
  • Coral reef: A giant brown turtle is the boss in this game mode, and it appears in the beginning and moves slowly across the screen until it disappears. It’ll keep appearing throughout the session until it switches to the next setup, and if you’re lucky enough to shoot it down, you’ll receive a payout of 100x-500x.
  • Blue waters: The monster shark rules this setup and appears at the beginning, after which it swims in and out of the screen from any direction during the entire mode. If you’re brave enough to hunt it down, you’ll walk away with a 100x-800x payout.
  • Red cave: A giant octopus is the boss of this setup. It appears at the end of the mode, and up to three massive tentacles appear during the entire mode. Killing the octopus boss will yield a random payout between 100x and 800x.

Ocean Ruler betting features

Betting features are essential during gameplay in any online casino game, whether you’re playing for real money or in demo mode. In this regard, the Ocean Ruler fish game has few gaming functions, making it easy to play and focus on winning. To begin with, the game offers four betting panels, allowing different players worldwide to enjoy the game simultaneously. During gameplay, you’ll notice other players shooting down the fish and other sea creatures. Sometimes, you might aim at the same target and receive individual payouts.

Target Lock

The other betting feature in Ocean Ruler is the Target Lock, which switches the cannon into an electric firing ball. To activate it, you should aim your cursor at your preferred target and double-click on it. Afterwards, the bullet cannon will automatically switch to the electric one, upon which it’ll constantly shoot at the selected prey until it goes down or swims out of the screen. 

A unique fact about this feature is that when the target is killed or swims out of the screen, the electric cannon will target another fish/creature of the same kind and continue firing. If there’s no other exact prey, it’ll stop shooting and wait until one appears. If you wish to turn off the Target Lock feature, click on an empty area on the screen, and it’ll switch to the standard bullet cannon.

Ocean Ruler game rules

Like most fish games, the Ocean Ruler online casino game features straightforward rules that are easy to understand and implement. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for all players, regardless of your gambling experience. However, to begin playing the game for real money or using fun credits, you must first sign up for an account in an online casino with the game in its collection. Afterwards, deposit into your player account (in fiat or cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin) if you wish to play Ocean Ruler for real money. If you’d like to familiarise yourself with the game before risking your hard-earned cash, you can proceed to the game lobby after creating your gambling account to launch the game.

As previously stated, the game features simple gameplay since all you have to do is set your bet size from the preset values, aim the cannon at your desired prey, and click your mouse’s left button to shoot. If you hold down the left button of your mouse, the cannon will constantly fire at your target until it goes down or swims out of the screen. The more prey you hunt down, the higher the payout. The boss creatures (giant crab, turtle, octopus, and monster shark) are hard to kill, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be awarded for trying, as shooting at them will injure them.

You’ll also come across various bonus features during gameplay. The system randomly triggers some of the features, and you can activate others if you fire long enough. You’ll receive enhanced payouts, free shots, and free kills if you get a bonus feature.

Bet sizes in Ocean Ruler

The Ocean Ruler fish game is ideal for low-budget players and high rollers, as it features bet sizes that accommodate both groups. These bet sizes are directly linked to the bullets, meaning each bullet you fire will cost you the exact amount you select as your bet value. Thus, you should choose your bet amount carefully, considering your account balance and how much you’re willing to lose if you don’t shoot down any prey.

The minimum allowed bet amount in Ocean Ruler is $0.01, catering to players with a limited budget. On the other hand, players with a high gambling and risk appetite can place higher bets up to a maximum of $10. Your selected bet amount is displayed on the tail of the cannon, and you can change it by clicking on it. Unlike most fish games, Ocean Ruler lacks a (-) button, making it tedious and time-consuming to reduce your bet amount since you’ll have to press the cannon until it reaches the maximum bet limit, upon which it’ll reset to the minimum bet size.

Normal symbols and payouts

During gameplay, you’ll encounter targets that are easy to kill since they only require a few hits to go down. In Ocean Ruler, some normal targets have fixed payouts, while others have varying multipliers. However, some creatures have higher payouts than the rest, making it harder to hunt them down.

  • Searobin: Payout of 2x
  • Koi: 3x
  • Swordfish: 4x
  • Puffer: 5x
  • Lionfish: 6x
  • Skatefish: 7x
  • Flying fish: 8x
  • Blue tang: 9x
  • Jellyfish: 10x
  • Anglerfish: 12x
  • Turtle: 15x
  • Longfin bannerfish: 18x
  • Crampfish: 20x
  • Golden ingot: 25x
  • Hammerhead shark: 350x
  • Jumbo (puffer, koi, and swordfish): 20x-60x
  • Light blue fish: 30x-100x
  • Grey fish: 60x-200x
  • Gold dragon: 100x-500x

Bonus symbols and payouts

This is the special category of prey that’s pretty hard to kill but pays out massively if you put them down. As expected, bosses have higher rewards than the regular symbols, and it’s advisable to start shooting at them as soon as they appear. The boss targets include:

  • King crab: 100x-800x
  • Giant octopus: 100x-800x
  • Monster shark: 100x-800x
  • Giant turtle: 100x-500x

Bonus features in Ocean Ruler

The Ocean Ruler fish game provides various bonus features that award enhanced payouts, free shots, and free kills. These include fish multipliers, bombs, special crabs, vortex, rockets, and chain reactions.

Fish multiplier

You’ll notice some fish enclosed in a bubble. If you shoot it open, it’ll trigger a multiplier feature. This feature is represented by a wheel with four multiplier values (x2, x3, x4, and x5) attached to a ring. Once activated, the ring rotates around the wheel until one of the multipliers randomly stops at the arrowhead. The selected multiplier will then be applied to the payout of the blasted fish.

Special crab

You’ll encounter some average crabs carrying things on their backs as they swim through the screen. If you kill it, you’ll trigger the feature on its back. These include

  • Laser beam: If you receive this feature, aim the beam anywhere on the screen, and it’ll kill all the prey within its range.
  • Big drill: This is a rocket capsule that bounces off the screen walls while killing all the targets on its way until it explodes.
  • Cash bonus: This feature is represented by a 5×4 grid and a multiplier value beneath each tile. Once activated, you must pick a cell from the grid, and if a multiplier is revealed, the bonus round ends. If an up arrow is displayed, you must pick another tile in the next row above. If you get another up arrow, the process will continue until a multiplier is revealed. You should note that the higher the row, the bigger the payout.


This is a spherical bomb that appears randomly during gameplay, and if you manage to shoot it down, it’ll explode, killing all the creatures on the screen except bosses, dragons, and crabs. You can receive up to a maximum of 5000x your bet amount, but if there are no fish when the bomb goes off, you’ll be awarded a 5x multiplier.


This feature is randomly triggered by regular shots during gameplay. Upon activation, you can receive up to 3 rockets that kill random prey on the screen and award you the corresponding multipliers.


Killing a fish inside the whirlpool will trigger the vortex feature. Once triggered, all prey of the same kind on the screen will be sucked into the vortex and killed.

Chain reaction

If you shoot down a target inside the chain reaction bubbles, it’ll trigger a bullet that randomly moves around the screen, eliminating fish along its trail path.

Automatic play in Ocean Ruler

The Ocean Ruler fish game has no button or switch to activate the autoplay feature. Instead, it’s activated by double-clicking on an empty section on the screen. Once enabled, your task will be to aim the cannon at your desired target, and the system will keep firing where your cursor is facing. Deactivating is also straightforward, i.e., single-click on an empty area on the screen.

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The online gambling industry constantly evolves and expands the range of online casino games. As a result, we now have a new category of casino games with exciting titles, such as Ocean Ruler, which has been making waves among players worldwide. Created by Skywind Group, the game offers a 95.6% RTP, and you can walk away with up to 5000 times your bet amount if it’s your lucky day. Like most fish games, the game is designed based on the sea theme, and you’ll encounter different marine life during gameplay. Therefore, to win real money when playing Ocean Ruler, you must shoot down as many targets as possible, considering each prey has an individual payout. On top of that, Ocean Ruler offers a great deal of bonus features that award enhanced payouts, free shots, and free kills when triggered.