Jackpot Fishing Fish game by TaDa Gaming for real money

As captivating and rewarding as fish games go, Jackpot Fishing is one of the best and most popular titles you can play for real money. The online casino game features three progressive jackpots: Speed, Lucky, and the TADA jackpot, which you can win by targeting specific fish species in the Jackpot Fishing game online. Besides the jackpot prizes, other sea creatures might offer decent payouts, with the highest offering 888x your base bet. All you need to do to stand a chance of these fantastic payouts or the jackpots is to shoot the sea animals on your gaming screen with your cannon. This Jackpot Fishing review will cover the game in detail. Additionally, players will find a top list of online casinos with Jackpot Fishing on this page.

  • Jackpot Fishing screenshot
  • Jackpot Fishing screenshot

Best casinos to play Jackpot Fishing Fish game

Jackpot Fishing facts

✅ Name Jackpot Fishing
🔍 Type Fish game
🌐 Provider TaDa Gaming
📅 Release date 2019
💰 Min./Max. bet $0.01 - $10
🎨 Theme Underwater
👀 Objects Fishes, sea creatures
🎯 Objective Shoot sea creatures to win the prize
📈 Maximum payout multiplier 888x
✅ Provable fair no
🔄 Autobet yes
🌍 Languages Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish

Jackpot Fishing: Game overview

This fish game was released in 2019 by TaDa Gaming, a casino software developer that also offers a range of other game genres, including online slots, crash titles, table and card games, and bingo. So, with Jackpot Fishing, gamblers have a sea-themed title with pleasing animations and graphics, as seen when you take down a special or boss fish. Coral reefs, rocks, seashells, and other sea vegetation cover the game’s animated ocean floor.

Jackpot Fishing is a multiplayer title with up to three players enjoying the game simultaneously. However, if you find the screen too clattered with so much going on, you can join the Regal Hall (single), where you’ll enjoy gameplay alone. This is an impressive option for players who fancy a calm and focused gambling approach without distractions. Still, the game offers two additional halls with varying bet limits to accommodate players of all budgets.

When you play Jackpot Fishing for real money, you’ll encounter various fish species (Normal, Special, and Ocean Kings), which offer varying payouts. The least-paying fish offers a 2x multiplied payout, while the highest may offer an 888x payout, not to mention the possibility of winning the progressive jackpots. Special fishes usually feature bonus effects that may result in more substantial winnings. Jackpot Fishing supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, etc., and is compatible with mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop devices.

Jackpot Fishing game features

The game’s interface is intuitive, even for a newbie. You can select your desired hall via the drop-down arrow on the top left of the screen. You can click the Play icon on the left of the main interface to launch the details, including the game features and paytable, under the ‘Help’ tab. Also, you can view your bet history and turn the in-game sound/music on or off from here. You can access the following game features that make gameplay exciting.

Betting option

Your cannon/gun is always located at the base of the interface. On either side of the cannon, you can use the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ toggles to reduce or increase your bet amount during real money gameplay. Also, you’ll see your balance and game ID below and next to the cannon, respectively. Winnings will be added to your bankroll balance automatically.


You can switch from your regular shooting cannons to the Torpedo Artillery by clicking on the icon marked ‘Torpedo’ on the right side of your screen. The torpedoes usually inflict more significant damage to the larger fishes, meaning they can be eliminated rather quickly. However, when switching to this artillery, 6x your current bet is deducted with each torpedo that you launch.


With this Jackpot Fishing game feature, you can target and track specific fish types precisely across the game screen. Usually, your bullets will hit other fishes moving in front of your target, thus blocking and reducing the damage you deal. However, with the Target feature, you’ll hit your targets without wasting ammunition. So, when you activate this feature, your cannon will switch from bullets to a lightning beam and hit your selected target. After the chosen target disappears, this feature will hit the next target of the same species.


This is another game feature that might come in handy. With Frozen, you can freeze the sea creatures on your screen for about 15 seconds while firing at your target(s). This gives you more time to deal more damage and possibly enjoy increased winnings. However, it will cost you $3 to activate this feature.

Free Electric Cannon

There’s an electric cannon on the bottom left of your game screen. When you shoot at various targets, energy accumulates in this cannon. The energy is earned proportionally to your bet. When the cannon’s energy is full, you can click it to summon the Electric Cannon, which causes a large-range attack. The energy discharged is proportional to your current bet.

Jackpot Fishing game rules

This fish title has simple rules and gameplay. After selecting your game hall and bet size, you can start shooting at your ideal targets for a payout. The Jackpot Fishing online casinos on this page may also offer a free play mode that will enable you to learn the paytable and study the targets that may provide decent payouts or give you a better chance at the three jackpots. Please note that more funds may be deducted from your balance when using specific game features in Jackpot Fishing.

Bet sizes in Jackpot Fishing

This budget-friendly fish game allows gamblers to select and switch between three gaming halls according to their finances:

  • Joy Hall: $0.01-$5
  • Regal Hall: $0.1-$10
  • Regal Hall (Single): $0.1-$10

The first hall offers a $5 maximum bet, while the remaining two offer a maximum bet of $10. A bet size is actually the cost of one bullet or lightning bolt you shoot.

Normal symbols and payouts

If you visit the Jackpot Fishing paytable, you can view how much each fish pays after you successfully shoot it down. Low-paying symbols are easy to kill but offer lower spoils, while the difficult-to-kill symbols provide higher payouts.

  • Normal Fish payouts: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, and 35x.
  • Golden Fish: Golden Angelfish (50x), Golden Clown Fish (55x), and Golden Manta Ray (60x).

Bonus symbols and payouts

Jackpot Fishing has other fish species that may offer additional winnings by killing them. They include:

  • Special Fish: Armored Fish (20x-30x), Anglerfish (30x-40x), and Fortune Terrapin ($40x-50x). When you kill any of these fish species, you can consecutively gain their attached base multipliers and have a chance to win 5 times the Super Win. This means their payouts could reach 100x-150x, 150x-200x, and 200x-250x, respectively.
  • Immortal Ocean King: You can also win consecutive prizes by shooting at these fish: King Squid (60x, 120x, and 180x) and golden shark (80x, 160x, and 240x). The Treasure Bowl in this category offers a small prize of 3x your bet for shooting at it, but you can also win the Critical Hit Jackpot worth 168x, 666x, and 888x your bet.
  • Effects Fish: Under this category, players will have three options: The Thunder Shark (70x-90x) shocks the nearby fish and triggers Chain Lightning that explodes the targeted fish to give you a payout. Also, the Torpedo Crab (80x-100x) throws three torpedoes in three different areas on the screen for a chance to catch the fish in the blast range, with corresponding winnings being awarded. Lastly, the Sea Anemone (90x-110x) creates a whirlpool in the same place it was killed for a chance to trap the fish within that range.

Bonus features in Jackpot Fishing

As mentioned, this fish game has three progressive jackpots: Speed, Lucky, and TADA. Their respective jackpot prizes can be viewed at the top of your game screen. For a chance to win these jackpots, you must target the following sea animals:

  • Special fish species
  • Immortal Ocean King
  • Treasure Bowl
  • Jackpot Fish: This species offers 66x, 88x, and 168x payouts, plus a chance of winning the jackpots.
  • Jackpot Dragon: This sea creature in Jackpot Fishing provides payouts of 160x, 240x, and 320x, plus an opportunity to win the jackpots if you successfully shoot it.

However, the Jackpot Fish and the Jackpot Dragon have a higher chance of winning the jackpots. So, if this is your objective, you should mainly target these two species. These are the rules for getting the available jackpots:

  1. TADA Jackpot: You must place a bet of more than $0.50. For multiplied and re-multiplied jackpots, your bet should be more than $1 and $8, respectively.
  2. Lucky Jackpot. To have a chance to win this progressive jackpot, you must place a bet of more than $0.08 or more than $0.20 for a multiplied jackpot prize.
  3. Speed Jackpot: To win this pool, you must place bets of more than $0.02 and more than $0.06 for a chance at the multiplied jackpot.

The higher you bet, the greater your jackpot winnings will be.

Automatic play in Jackpot Fishing

Instead of randomly shooting at sea creatures on the screen, you can use the Auto Fishing feature in the Jackpot Fishing casino game. This advanced feature allows you to select the specific fish species you’d like to shoot. Additionally, you can customise this feature using the following options:

  • 25 odds below the fish: Shoots at fishes with payouts below 25x
  • Auto Use Electric Cannon: When the energy bar is full during autoplay, the Electric Cannon is used automatically
  • Use Torpedo: The feature switches from cannon to Torpedoes. Remember, 6x your regular bet is deducted for each torpedo
  • Total Shots: options include from 10 up to 99,999 shots
  • Directional Shooting: The cannon fires in one direction. You must adjust the direction manually

Click the icon labelled ‘Auto Fishing’ on the right of the game screen once to stop this autoplay feature after activating it.

Play Jackpot Fishing in demo mode for free


The Jackpot Fishing online casino fish game is a gem among fish gambling lovers. The game offers players many features that provide a seamless and captivating adventure. For instance, if you don’t want to use the cannon, you can switch to torpedoes that deal greater damage (of course, at a cost). Also, we found the lighting beam in the Target feature very appealing and effective, although your bankroll is drained quickly.

In addition, we found the Frozen feature very nifty and appealing since players can freeze the sea creatures on the screen for about 15 seconds, giving them more time to eliminate the difficult-to-kill fishes. Above all, the possibility of payouts up to 888x your bet and a chance to win the three progressive jackpots make Jackpot Fishing a highly recommended fish game from TaDa Gaming.